Why is kindness such an important quality to have?  What makes it so important as an option rather than hatred of others?  Why should we treat people with kindness?  These may seem like elementary questions, but if they were, it would not be so complicated for people to simply be kind to one another.  Let us take a look at the meaning of kindness in our Webster Dictionary.

Kindness-1.  The quality of being friendly, generous and considerate.  2.a kind act

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Kindness-1.  showing others courtesy, love, respect, and honor, treating them like equal human beings.

I remember when I was with a man I loved very much, and we had just gotten engaged.  We were on a boat in New Orleans when he proposed.  Afterwards, we went to a restaurant to celebrate.  While we were there, we got to talking to the people at the table next to us.  They were an elderly couple and we told them we were there to celebrate our engagement.  They chatted with us and congratulated us on our engagement.  We found out they had been married over fifty years.

We had a wonderful connection with them, but they had to go, so they left before us.  When we went to pay our bill, we found out, after this couple had left, that they had paid for our dinner!  The night was perfect already, but this made it all the more special.  These people had paid for dinner because they wanted to show kindness towards us expecting nothing back in return.  They had bought our dinner just to be nice.  They had enjoyed chatting with us, and wanted to show from their heart, they were happy for us and they did this through the kind act of paying for our dinner.

Kindness doesn’t have to cost anything.  It is about simply treating others with being nice, as you would expect to be treated.  That isn’t much to ask from anyone and we should all be kind, first and foremost, even in the most challenging of situations.  I have seen kindness diffuse the toughest of situations, so the next time your in a predicament with a stranger, ask yourself first and foremost if you have been kind to that individual.  Kindness should be a way of the heart.

Thank you for reading about kindness today.  When your done reading this post, scroll down beneath it, and leave a comment, thought, poem or quote about kindness.  It would be greatly appreciated!

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Thanks so much,

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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Peter (@guest_1977)
2 years ago

Without your unrivaled and generous friendship and the at times overwhelming acts of kindness that flows from you like a tsunami I wouldn’t be on any social media platform be it Facebook or Twitter let alone host 2 prompts with the abundance of sheer joy that I do it with. I thank you so much for that and for allowing me to host both the Music Poetry Prompt and the Picture Poetry Prompt with you in this magical place where all my creativity and playfulness is set free I love you bunches my BFW and I can’t thank you enough????????????????

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