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What does our daily wisdom word, acceptance mean to us?  What does Acceptance mean according to our Webster dictionary?”   In summation, it means:  “the art or being accepted.”

Do we accept ourselves as we are?  Do we accept others as they are?  Or, do we find ourselves passing judgement on ourselves or others? 

The choice is ours to make, but let us take this one step further.  How do we feel when we are passing judgement on ourselves?  Is it really useful?  Are we using judgement as the hammer, and acceptance as the nail driving in what we do and don’t like about ourselves and others?

Acceptance means:  the “ART” of being accepted for a reason:  we must stop and think first how to accept everything and not pass judgement upon it either good or bad.  Everything happens for a specific reason, and acceptance is an art because it requires us to believe in order not to pass judgement that everything happens for a reason and the sooner we master the art of acceptance, the stronger our faith will be and the less our judgement of others and ourselves will be.

Just for today, try accepting what happens as your day unfolds, especially if things happen in it that require you to begin to master the art of doing this.  You will find you are more calm, less judgmental and others will sense this and feel more comfortable around you and most importantly, you will feel more comfortable with yourself.

Samantha LeBoeuf

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