What features do you have unique to you and no one else?  Features, according to Webster, means, in summation, “to give special merit or prominence to.”

These days it is so easy to wish we had other’s features, or comparing these features to our own unique ones.  Why are we not happy with the features God has given us or wish we were different than we truly are?

What causes all of us to be insecure from time to time,  or get caught up spending our time searching for the art of perfection?

I believe this is human nature and perfectly normal to some extent.  However, we are spending our time and energy in the wrong area when we could be using it to accept who we are and pursue all of our own special and unique qualities.

Ask yourself if your truly happy being you.  If the answer is yes, then continue doing everything you can, to be the best, YOU can be.  Push yourself in areas of personal growth, and keep believing you are completely fulfilled internally.

However, if you ask yourself if your truly happy and the answer is no, this is usually connected to basing your happiness on what you “don’t have” instead of what you do.  How do you change this?

Try growing internally.  It is okay to push yourself towards goals and positive attitudes, but when we spend our time comparing ourselves to others, we are wasting precious time. 

Find something about yourself that you truly like, and focus on this.  You can also use this technique to help you make others feel good by complimenting them.  Pay a compliment to yourself!  Build on the good feelings you have about this attribute.  

Most importantly, have faith that God made you very special and there is no one else like you out there.  We are all one of a kind, and a blessing to ourselves and others when we figure out who and what we do have and like about ourselves.  There is not another you or me.

Last, surround yourself around people that make you feel good about who you are and build on these relationships, and first, build your relationship with God, because he is the one who created you and made you so very special.

Samantha LeBoeuf
                                                    GOD MADE US UNIQUE AND SPECIAL FROM 
                                                                  THE MOMENT WE WERE BORN…
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