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ALLIES                               “WHEN DO WE KNOW WE CAN TRUST ONE?”

Allies are supposed to be one of the team. Often, however, allies are not all they were cracked up to be.  This article will share with you what to look for so you can fully trust yourself.  Before going any further we will first look at the Webster meaning of the word ally.

Webster definition of ally- 1.  to side with or support for something or someone.  2.  A person or organization that cooperates with or helps another in a particular activity.  3.  a state cooperating with another for a military or other purpose, typically by treaty. 

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Allies. 1.  a party or individual that will stand beside us when we are involved in something requiring team work.  2.  a person you will trust with your job performance to help.  you will still get the same credit on the project sharing the work load instead of isolating which is not effective.  What I will do now will paint a clear picture of how you will know who is the right ally  you can work with. 

A.  Make sure who you pick has been on the job less than you or Junior executive.   

B.  Pick someone who does not gossip about others, seems dedicated to the work and can do it successfully.  You are setting yourself up for a potential opportunity for a candidate in an equal position as yourself.  They could try taking the credit and may intercede, complaining about the load of work that they are doing.

C.  Watch ones actions over their words.  90 percent of communication is done through nonverbal communication. 

D.  Make sure to share!  In other words, YOU, not the company let your assistant know if the project is a winner they will be getting a large bonus. 

It is hard in the world with so much competition to even get a job and expectations having risen for all candidates applying for a job.  I worked in sales for 20 years in selling new homes, in the high end price range.  Someone, (another salesperson who was looking to get ahead and will do whatever they have to to move up the ladder is NOT what you want.  Yet, the ally is doing so much work and should be rewarded and complimented to management by you as lead project manager. 

The bonus is established privately between you and your partner due to loyalty you need so an ally can still win. Without that ally going up against you or trying to take credit when credit is NOT due.  It can be a kind world, but with sales, especially in the position I had, there is much competition.  What this meant even when I got a sale, and was recognized for it is that someone else got two sales.   “you are only as good as your last sale so get to work!” 

We have talked about potential issues with allies and have covered ways to find the right ally when you have been assigned a project.  I can only share with you what I have experienced.  Perhaps other positions are not so competitive.  However, the suggestions given, lead to eventual friendships developed with allies.  We must always treat our ally well.  Thank you for reading.  Samantha

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3 months ago

I’ve learned not to trust people throughout life for a few reasons. one people use you for what they want and then leave after. when you need help those same people are nowhere to be found or are busy. Another reason is people watch things. they know you are in a bad situation but, do nothing to help. I kept audio hid of domestic abuse. I did this because I wanted proof of who did it when they found me dead one day. He was right in the fact no one would help or believe me. The cops where no… Read more »

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