I just remembered how I preened on the TV for hours because of NatGEO wild. My curiosity also assisted me in the venture.

So, I would look and look and look for hours. Though, my siblings grumbled at my new found love-they all wanted to see cartoons.

Anyways, in one of their many documentation of the wild, I came across the BASILISK lizard which is popularly known as the JESUS CHRIST LIZARD because of its ability to walk on water.

Truth be told, I was amazed at the wonders it can do. I’d like you all to;

-See picture

-Compose a poem inspired by picture with words (Basilisk and Water) title.

-Share with us.

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Reenie (@guest_8015)
8 months ago

Some say
Water is
The elixir
Of life
You’d believe
It if you
Ever saw a
Basilisk run
Across it
I’m in awe of
Of this amazing
The only
Others time
It’s ever
Been done
Is by our
Lord JC

Matt brown (@guest_8010)
8 months ago

With grace undenied, he did glide
the basilisk strode across the stream in pride.
With legs so quick and speed ablur
Nary was waters surface left disturbed.
For his eyes were set on his prey
And not even the stream would bar his way.

Bobby_Kountz (@bobby_kountz)
8 months ago
Reply to  Matt brown

Love the poem! Witty, fun, determined!

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