The Present

by: Guildford Windley

The Present
His Perception
I see her image in the morning fog
Through the haze, she floats by me
I’m haunted by the sounds I hear
I think she beckoning me
I’m I crazy for she isn’t there at all
What’s gotten into me?
Her spirit has me so enchanted
Lost I’m I in the torment of emotion
But what I feel is complete devotion for her love
For I’m completely under her spell
My mind is in a daze; my thoughts are at a lost
Her image blinds me, for I see her everywhere
I feel her calling me from across voids of time
She comes to me in dreams; she is of another time
But somehow here she is now in this room I can see her clearly. Her beauty is beyond compare and drives my soul, with love for her
Now somehow she is here right before my eyes.
Her Perception
I seeth a form of a man who comes forth to me in the early morn light
He seems to float in a cloud that shrouds his face
I’m haunted by his presents for I fear he speaks to me
He calls me in a haunting sound, for I think him beckoning me
I’m I losing my senses, is my mind lost to this vision
What has this spirit done to me?
So enchanted, is this my heart’s desire
For I fear my life is a loss in my devotion to my vision
My emotions are all a jargogle, I ‘m completely under his spell
My love for him grows stronger by each and every day
As I lay in bed uhtceare in the early morning light
My heart aches for his love; I try to reach out to him in the hazy void
His image flickering just beyond my reach
The way he dresses is so not of this time, but how can that be
How can he be of another time and yet be here with me now? The fog has cleared, the man I see is the man of my dreams.
Oh, my heart beats so, he’s coming towards me now.
The narrator’s perception
Imagine if you will two souls lost, yet finding themselves in a quirk in time and space
Each in its own present: one from the past, one from the future and both those present merge and both souls are now in the same present
Yes, love transcends time and space- two hearts, two souls that were meant to be; perhaps a warp, a tear in space and time that has brought both of them together as it was meant to be.
Two hearts that beat as one, can reach each other across the sea of time to a place that is their new reality – in a room, they finely see with clarity, free of the fog that once separated them
They look across the room smile shyly at each other, as they look with amazement; her with her long raven-colored hair and green eyes a pure beauty with soft pale pink skin of around five feet seven and all of twenty-three
She is dress in a floor-length dark blue gown that had the look of a dress from the early nineteenth century
He is a strong muscular man about six feet tall with dark tan skin. His eyes were of deep blue like that of a pool of water, his hair was blond and very wavy and thick but short.
He was in a light grey pinstripe suit. A man of twenty-five He had the look of someone from the twenty-first century
They come close together and for a minute study each other’s face
He says Hi my name is John and she looks at him with a warm smile my name is Elizabeth, may I ask where do you come from, he replies I’m from San Francisco, she gasps so I’m I
He took her hand and they moved closer there was music in the air and slowly as if there was magic in the air he brought her close to him as they started to dance- he said what year is this and I don’t know as she put her hands around John’s neck and I don’t care. As both of them came close, their eyes meant each other soul- love was born in the moment of their encounter from afar; now cemented in each other’s arms.
Maybe time is just an allusion, for the past is a jumble of mere faded memories; while the future does not yet exist
We only have the present for that is where the conscious state exist
Will folks I can see that these two love birds want to alone so for us lets discreetly make are adieus
Ah, such a sweet tale of love that transcends time
To find the one soul that you need to make you whole
That love so deep, the pain and ecstasy that first kiss that brings the bliss
That leaves your mind in a daze, and your heart pounding
That look, as you peer into each other’s eye, that takes you deep within your souls, then you know the true meaning of your life.
Does it matter, where one comes from or what time, the future, or the past?
Ah but now the time grows late, two souls have found each other across the dimensions of time, and we should give them space.
We also have crossed those same barriers, so now I must return you to your present and I will return to mine.
Guildford H Windley
July 23, 2020

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