What is beauty and why is it so elusive? Why is it that one person can find so much beauty in something but not another in that same thing? Let us take a look at beauty in the Webster Dictionary. Beauty 1. Qualities that give pleasure to the senses or exalt the mind. 2. loveliness and something having such qualities.


Daily Wisdom Word Meaning: Beauty: 1. That which is elusive in our mind and our hearts, which we find pleasing physically, mentally and psychologically.


Beauty is something elusive in the sense that what one person finds so attractive, another does not. Beauty truly is deeper than what someone looks like on the outside. Beauty is truly about the beholder and whether they are light minded with their thinking, or a little deeper with their thinking. Beauty is hopefully something someone sees in everyone and everything but maybe has to look a little harder to see in others and other things.


Beauty is elusive. What I may find beautiful, you may not. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. There truly is beauty in everything and sometimes it just takes the right person judging that beauty to see it.


There is also the most important type of beauty of all; Beauty that is found inside a person’s soul. This is the kind of beauty that cannot be seen with the naked eye but the most important kind of beauty of all. The beauty of the heart. It is what makes it possible for me to fall truly in love with someone or something, and have the person next to me, not fall in love with their beauty. The real kind of beauty I am talking about in my book has no color, can’t be drawn on an artists pad, and cannot really be described. If I was asked what I found beautiful about someone or something I really loved, I would have a difficult time putting it into words.


Beauty of the soul and heart is that which is truly beautiful. This is a saying I created to describe what I meant in the above paragraph and truly does run deeper than what is the shape of our nose, or face. This kind of beauty is so deep, it leads or is part of love.


Beauty is subjective and at best, what we all may think is pretty on the outside of a magazine cover is certainly not all we find beautiful in this world.


Thank you as always for reading daily wisdom words. “that which is “imperfectly perfect” is also the kind of beauty that goes off the charts when describing because the beauty lies within the imperfection itself. That is the kind of beauty that really makes a true difference in this world.


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