Daily Wisdom Words will talk about some topics that we all feel from time to time are very important although negative, and today we are going to discuss anger and how to productively deal with it. First of all, let us take a look at the Webster Definition of Anger. 1. A strong feeling of displeasure (partial)


Daily Wisdom Word definition: Anger. 1. A feeling of unhappiness mixed with rage. Anger is a feeling, that can be turned into something positive, but you must try hard to do so.


Anger is a feeling we all have from time to time. I think the best saying I have ever heard on anger was this: Anger is rage turned outward and depression turned inward. In other words, what we are angry about we usually have some form of accountability in the feeling. I am not by any means saying that when you feel angry, its all your fault. I am merely asking you to ask yourself, what role if any do you play in that feeling of anger towards another or yourself.


Anger can be used productively if you stand back and look at it logically. Anger in itself in not productive, but perhaps, especially when we are angry with ourselves we can learn something from it. We always have to be willing to look at our role in the feeling and do something different the next time we get into a similar situation.


What are some productive things we can do with our anger? Well first, you cannot just leave anger to stew inside yourself, or it will turn into resentment and you will never be able to let go of it if it is directed at another person or even at yourself. One way we can let go of our anger is to write about it. We can sit down and write about what has made us so mad in the first place and how the next time we get placed in a similar situation, how we can get a handle on our anger so we don’t go there to begin with. We can also talk to someone about it, IE., a trusted friend, a professional, or someone else you trust in your life.


When we are angry with others, one thing we can always remind ourselves of, is they are not perfect either, and the person(s) who you feel angry with “know not what they do”. They may not be in a position to correct the reason your angry with them about so one thing I always tell myself, is they know not what they do.


Another productive way we can use anger is to do something about it and turn it into another emotion. Ask yourself, what you can productively do about it, and do it. Try a good long, workout or walk. You will find anger with yourself and other passes like any other emotion if you deal with it in a healthy way.


We are all “imperfectly perfect”, another thing we can remember when we are angry. Don’t have such high expectations of yourself and others, and you will find you get angry less often. Anger usually comes from failed expectations.


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Thank you as always for reading.


Samantha Leboeuf

Community Leader

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