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In the wake of what would have been the defeat of coronavirus, vaccines may not be all that useful as new variant is on the increase.

The Cure: A poem by Shirley Satterfield

Many people call the effect of coronavirus in our world the new normal. In fact, popular media agencies have taken the aforementioned as a slogan. Truly, living carefully with face masks and routine wash with Petro chemicals is the new normal.

But What of the Poor: Poem by Guildford Windley

We have to stay safe in our various homes and observe the coronavirus protocols (Distancing, Use of face masks, and washing of hands)  so as not to be victims of the virus. That’s the more reason why nations are doing their best to get the vaccine to people.

About that, I really do not want to delve into the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine in the world because as is the norm of humanity, adulteration is inevitable.

Jericho Brown and his long path to recognition

The coronavirus pandemic is a global thing, it has affected many people in our so delicate mother earth. My heart is filled with emotions that could run a lake.

I’d like for us to talk about it. Let us talk about it today on Daily Wisdom Words Picture Poetry today.

The Suicide Article by Abuh Monday Eneojo

Please note that I understand how tough it may be for some who lost close relatives to coronavirus. I hold no grudge if you decide not to participate.


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pd_adams (@guest_9129)
3 months ago

Ovid C. Homer

In my blight room
I burrow in journey
to fetch & dig up
new traverse
to ponder.

Voyager I,
waving off home
a rock craving stone
scour in learning
dove into.

Discovery screams
trance & bells ring
spells reverberating propel
vision to dream.


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