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Daily Wisdom Word:   “Definition

How often do we think of the Wisdom Word, Definition, and how do we use definition to enhance the color in our world?

Part of definition’s meaning, according to the Webster is:   1. ” An act of determining or settling  2.  The action or power of making, definite or clear., Clarity, Distinctness.

Wisdom word meaning, of Definition:   1.  The clarity of words, by understanding what they mean. 2.  Ability to comprehend words by “sharpening, and distinguishing them”.

Understanding the “definition” of words, and exploring them, cultivates our vocabulary, and our understanding and comprehension of what we are going to say, and what others say to us.  Definition plays a vital role in communication. Learning the meaning of one new word a day, broadens not only your mind, but your soul, and the meaning of one word can distinguish one message into another.  

The definition of any word, allows for more expression that is sharpened with little ambiguity.  Defining who we are, is defined by the words used to describe us.  

I have a quote I wrote today, relevant to this wisdom word post:   “Words.. Get lost in their meaning, not in the spaces between them”. 

 Understanding the DEFINITION of different words ultimately create more Beauty is the messages we share.  Definition, and exploring its meaning, leads to exploring the definition of any words,  in poetry, letters, and anything we write and say, which matters to our success in communicating, personally, and our interpretation of what others are conveying to us.

Definition is proactive in life, from what we understand from others, and understanding the words we speak to ourselves through our thoughts, and ideas, leads us to explore the “definition” of more words and enhances our comprehension of these words leading to better communication, with others, in all we choose to verbalize or listen to.  

Definition is the gateway to  ultimate “interpretation” of any message.  Definition allows us to convey more adeptly the messages we wish to communicate.

Definition expands the color of our world like a rainbow, adding more words or “colors” to our world, and one more thing to add in our “toolbox in life”.  Definition, fine tunes the directions on our journey and ultimately, our final destination making it more lovely, by defining the way we are able to see things, from our point of view, and more importantly, understanding other’s point of view.

Using Definition, allows us to embrace more meaning in our lives, by expanding our own thoughts utilizing the proper words needed in any situation.   The brain is just like any other muscle.  Without exercise, we loose our edge.  Definition, allows us to keep it.  SL

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Sterling (@guest_32)
7 years ago

Great post!!

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