Daily Wisdom Words

Daily Wisdom Words/ Wisdom Wordology!

Daily Wisdom Words/ Wisdom Wordology!

Posting Answer at Midnight Eastern Time for Sun-(DailyWisdomwords)-)ology

Directions:  Create an Acronym Phrase for One of My (70) Daily Wisdom Word Previous Posts), which captures the meaning of the word, and sums up the meaning on the word itself!  

Below are five word choices for every letter in the daily wisdom word chosen for the Acronym Phrase!
Choose one word from every five words given for choices, to create this summation of my PREVIOUS post.  (HINT):  Skim through all previous 70 posts and growing for a Clear Clue as to what word the phrase represents!   TENACITY

1.  Trusting, Taking, Toasting, Tools, To
2.  End, Every, Enter, Element, Entrance
3.  New, No, Nanny, Noose, Nosy
4.  And, Actual, All, Apple, Android
5.  Candy, Changing, Challenging, Cooling, Calling
6.  Interest, In, Into, Illustrate, Illusion
7.  Taking, Toasting, Trusting, Turning, Tools
8.  Yes, You, Yourself, Yell, Yelp

Good Luck!!!!  SL

Answer for Sun-Daily Wisdomwords-ology 5/19/14

“Taking Every No, And Changing It To Yes”

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