What are dilemmas?  Let us first take a look at its meaning in our Webster Dictionary.

Dilemma-1.  A situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives, especially equally undesirable ones.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-1.  Difficult alternatives, that we must choose from, equally desirable.

Dilemma’s do happen in our world.  Dilemmas are the recourse of two equally bad decisions, and are a hard place to be in.

I remember many years ago in Colorado, we actually had a Tornado Warning, and I had two bad choices:  1.  get into a closet with a baby and my cell phone protected only on three sides, or hide down in our basement which was an above ground basement with my baby,  and not finished, cold and dingy.  My baby was already sick, and if he hadn’t been, the cold basement would have been an easier choice, but I didn’t want the baby freezing either.  The dilemma I had, was the warm closet next to the bathroom was somewhat safe, but not the perfect conditions for this kind of storm.

I ended up putting safety first, and chose the basement and crying baby.  This is an example of a dilemma;  two imperfect choices to choose from, and dilemmas are difficult but a part of life.  One thing dilemmas force us to do that is positive, is to think out the consequences and results on both alternatives.  This in fact, strengthens our decision making abilities.  We are forced to play out both decisions, and weigh the consequences of each which is good for our thinking patterns.

However, when we are experiencing them, dilemma’s are not pleasant.  They can force us into making a decision, that is far from perfect.

I think the hardest dilemma I ever witnessed was finding out a 14 year old was pregnant with parents from a Christian background who did not believe in abortion.  Rather than going to her own mother, she came to me for advice.  I told her she must go to her parents, but I would take her to the doctor’s office to confirm her condition.  She kept asking me, ” what would you do?”  I felt it was wrong to give her any kind of opinion as I was not her mother.  On the other hand, since she was refusing to go to her mother at the time, I felt it was my duty to keep her confidence and confirm her condition before sharing it with her mother.

This dilemma was on both sides of the story:  her decision to have or not have a child at 14 years old, and my dilemma to break her confidence and share her story with her mother and betray her.  I ended up convincing her to tell her older sister, who then went with her to tell her parents this news.

Dilemmas are difficult, and sometimes heart wrenching.  Remember to think each consequence of each side of the dilemma out and weigh these consequences carefully, because with a dilemma, there is never a perfect decision.  Accepting this, can make handling dilemmas a little easier.  Thank you for reading Daily Wisdom Words today.  Have a beautiful and blessed day!f

Samantha LeBoeuf/DWW

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