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What are exaggerations and why can they be detrimental?

Let us first take a look at the meaning of exaggerations in the dictionary.  1.  A statement that represents something as better or worse than it really is.  2.  The action of making something better or worse than it really is.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition-1.  Exaggerations are explanations that are partial truths, representing something better or worse than it really is.

Why can exaggerations be detrimental or harmful?  Exaggerations do not represent the truth.  Exaggerations represent something that is misrepresented.  For instance, lets say you walked into a car dealership and did not give the correct facts representing what the car actually was.  You would buy the car based on those facts.

You would then go home with a car that could easily be a lemon because someone had exaggerated the facts regarding the car to you.  Why do people exaggerate something more than it actually is?

Many times people exaggerate things based on their own personal insecurities.  They have to exaggerate something to feel that they are important and that their story is more interesting than it really is.

I have a member of my family that exaggerates.  His stories are the most interesting and bizarre and tell a tall tale, but when the facts come out, they are always much different then what he has conveyed to us.  When I used to call him out on it, he would say, this:  “that is exactly what I told you which is now a lie over an exaggeration.  I used to wonder when I was younger why he would do this, and surprisingly, I came to the conclusion that he must be very insecure about his stories being interesting enough to provide the facts only.

Exaggerations are often used in sales and people often get in trouble for doing just this:  Presenting something in a more positive light then it really belongs in.  In fact, if there is a regulatory branch over what the person is selling, they can actually go to jail.

Exaggerations are not necessary to make a story more interesting.  You can use colorful adjectives, and other forms of speech to do that so next time when your telling a story to someone, make sure if you don’t already to represent the facts only.

Thank you for reading about daily wisdom words today.  I hope you have learned something from this post.

Warmest Regards,


Samantha Leboeuf



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