What do examples have to do with us and our writing? There is actually more than you might think. Let us take a look at the meaning of examples in the Webster dictionary

Examples 1. Something forming a model to be followed or avoided. (partial definition)

Daily Wisdom Word meaning of Examples: 1. A role model or writing prose to be followed because it is a positive example. 2. A positive or negative role model in someone’s life.

Examples are important and your important when it comes to setting one. Examples mean

the world to other people your setting them for. Whether it is a positive example or negative example, for you to set one, the person must look up to you in some way or it can be the very thing you do that sets the example itself.

Examples are very important, and since we can only be fully responsible for our own behavior, let’s try to be the best example to others we can be by being a positive role model every day, not only with the word we write, but with the way we act, which other people get as our non-verbal cues of examples.

How are examples set in our writing? Examples are set in our writing by how we write, poems are sometimes optimistic or talk of a dark side but either way, they talk about a way we would like to be or feel as a person, or some way we have felt, or they are dark in meaning and we can learn from those examples as well.

There is also the WAY we write. We may rhyme words or we may not, we may write in adjectives but regardless we are describing in some way how we feel.


We are all “imperfectly perfect” but we should all do our best to set a positive example.

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Thank you for reading!


Samantha Leboeuf

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