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Are you fierce?  Do you have the stamina and strength to stand up for what you believe in?  Do you stand up for yourself and others when necessary?  If you can answer yes to those questions, you are fierce!  Being fierce is not about being “brutal or indignant”.  Being fierce is such a positive quality.  When we are fierce, we are strong individuals.  We do not stir up drama.  In fact, we do our best to stay away from conflict.  When necessary, however, we will fight to the bitter end to stand up for what we believe in.  

Have you ever seen someone being “fierce” or bold?   They are not cocky or arrogant.  Instead, They give off a vibe of self-confidence and are humble individuals.  They are not bullies but do know how to deal with one using finesse.  Fierce Individuals also know what they want and are not afraid to pursue it.  Can anyone be a fierce individual?  The answer may surprise you!

Let us take a look at the Webster Dictionary meaning of today’s daily wisdom word, fierce.  

Webster Dictionary of fierce-1.  having or displaying a ferocious aggressiveness.  2.  A heartfelt and powerful intensity

Daily Wisdom Words Definition-1.  An individual who is fearless with life’s challenges willing to face fear and overcome obstacles.  

Can we learn to be\ a fierce individual if we are shy and introverted?  My answer to this is a resounding Yes!  It does not matter where we come from in our past.  We ultimately have the power of choice and free will.  It will take hard work, clear goal-setting, honesty with your flaws to yourself and God, and facing past fears. You will need to undertake an entirely different attitude by facing fears moving forward.  We all have the power to change.  However, I nor anyone who is being real will tell you changing is easy.  It will not occur overnight.  It will only occur if you begin taking two steps forward, only one step back from time to time.  

Life can be and is at times, discouraging.  We must find it within us to search for the positive.  In order to be fierce, we must be able to always see light ahead in the darkest of times.  Take on risks, not risky behaviors but risk getting hurt when we fall in love, or risk taking chances in order to follow our heart.  Being “fierce” is all about internal happiness and self-confidence.  Only we can find our rainbow.  Only we have the power to define exactly where, and when we see our special rainbow.  We can all be fierce.  Challenges are a part of overcoming weakness which is enabled through fear.  If we make mistakes, and we will, we must take full accountability for them with ourselves and others.  These steps are just the first taken in a long journey when we wish to be fierce.  

What I hope you will do, is scroll down beneath this post and overcome your shyness and fear leaving a comment about your feelings on what you’ve read!  Samantha LeBoeuf/dailywisdomwords.com.  

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