What exactly is idealism?  How does it play a role in our lives if at all?  Let’s first take a look at the Webster Dictionary’s definition.

Idealism-1.  The practice of forming or pursuing ideals, especially unrealistically.  2.  Any of the various systems of thought in which the objects of knowledge are held to be in some way dependent on the activity of the mind.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition-1.  a thought process which perfectifies ideas making realism almost impossible for this person who thinks in this manner.

We see idealism often, in our children.  They believe in Santa Claus, The tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny because we tell them about them, but how idealistic are they really?  The younger they are, the more idealistic they seem, but there comes a point for example, in their teenage years when teddy bears and dolls are switched out for boys and love and idealism stands for the latter.

There also comes a point when you have a problem your focused on, your child can say to you, “Mom, what’s wrong”?  They have developed the beginnings of perceiving realism and you can tell by their ability to tell you have something on your mind.

Loss of idealism can be painful, as we see in the new series on Hulu called, “The Act”.  A mother with Munchausen’s by Proxy, raises her child to believe she is years younger than she really is. The daughter eventually finds her social security card and finds out her true age.  She also finds out after her mother telling her she couldn’t walk and was bound by a wheelchair that she actually can, and she has been taking medic ation’s that cause her to lose her teeth,  that have been completely unnecessary because the daughter, who we will call Lucy, does not have any of the illnesses her mother has told her she has.

We as parents, eventually have to tell our children there is no Santa Claus and it is our jobs to help them adjust to the realities in life. All of us, however should carry some idealism with us throughout life, because sometimes reality is hard to cope with without a little of it to spare.

Thank you so much for reading about idealism today, our daily wisdom word.  When your done reading, scroll down beneath the post, where it says, “join the discussion” and leave a poem, quote or comment about idealism.  Thanks so much for reading, and have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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