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Wish I could tell you

by: Yasir Sulaiman

Come before me you did a lot,
But words spoken between us were very few
Close to me when you were not,
Immensely, I still did feel you.

Don’t know how, why, or when,
Began to long I did, to see you more often.
Because, awestruck by your mischievous eyes,
And captivated by your rosy lips I was.

My hands wished to float through your silky mane,
And my ears wished to hear your voice again and again.
But I couldn’t!
Wish I did to say so many things to you,
Wish I did to reveal my thoughts for you.
But I couldn’t!

See you more I wanted to,
But I couldn’t!
Speak to you I wanted to,
But I couldn’t!
Touch you I wanted to,
But I couldn’t!
Kiss you, I wanted to,
But I couldn’t!

Eyes of mine were veiled by morality,
My tongue was held back by family,
Hands of mine were cuffed by chains of sensitivity,
And my heart was imprisoned by my own eligibility

Wish I did a lot of things, to do,
But now they can never come true.
Still wish I do, if you ever knew,
That I had fallen in love with you.

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Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
2 years ago

I always know when I’m reading a really good poem when I have to read it twice. This one I had to read thrice.

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