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What does lamentation mean and have you experienced it?  Let us take a look at the Webster Definition of lamentation.

Lamentation-1. the passionate expression of grief and sorrow.  weeping

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning of Lamentation-A feeling so deep in sadness and extreme, sad emotion.

Have you experienced lamentation with a personal tragedy in your life?  Personal tragedy is so deep and compassionate or it can be personal and it becomes lamentation.  

I have experienced lamentation three or four times in my life.  The first time was the loss of my sweet grandmother.  She was so special and sweet.  She was always kind, and very unique.  Sometimes, you might mistake her as not being intelligent, but she was.  She had some of the highest,deepest emotional intelligence that I knew from anyone.  I always would hold her hand, and when she passed away, she did so peacefully in her sleep.  I think God gave her such a peaceful passing because of her kindness to others.  She laughed easily, and always smiled.  This was my first experience with lamentation.

After that, I lost my father.  He was the stability in our family and always represented strength to me.  He was in alot of pain before he passed for the last two years, from Brain Cancer, but he never complained.  He was strong in that old fashioned way  where you could lean on him, not necessarily where you could talk to him about a problem, but you could lean on him for strength.  I miss him terribly.  

I also felt lamentation when I lost my first dog.  I could not stop weeping and felt incredible sadness and sorrow.  Our dog we had for fourteen years, and she was part of the family.  I loved her as I would a human being.  She could sense your sadness and was so kind.  I miss her terribly even today.  

Thank you so much for reading about lamentation and my experiences with it.  It would mean so much to me if anyone who reads this, share their experience with lamentation beneath this article, where it says, “Join the Discussion”.  

I would like to see some kindness spread around after the two tragedies and loss of life people experienced in their grief and my heart goes out to them.  

Samantha LeBoeuf/DWW

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Ace Apayda (@guest_2774)
1 year ago

Sometimes when I try to fall asleep All I think about is the grief I haven’t yet experienced Things like losing my parents Things that make my eyes tear up Things I can’t understand until they happen. Some things have happened Like when I abandoned my cat He was my son Bronlonius. I’ll never forgive myself. Lament is a strong word It invokes emotions deeper than sadness Cuts deeper than pain and hurt. I am crying right now. No one here to wipe away my tears. A thousand tears in my heart and on my skin When will I feel… Read more »

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