The Purpose of Life

Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you’re alive, it isn’t.

-Richard Bach

Like a career, does a purpose in life end after a certain age?

According to Richard Bach and several poets and philosophers, it doesn’t.

I too am of the belief that there should be something to look forward to everyday, even in our old age.

I do believe that we are all brought in this world for a reason.

What I don’t always agree with is the simplicity of the ideology.

Many people come to a standstill in their lives after going through something significant, believing, that their purpose is fulfilled.

According to me, it may not just be one purpose. Maybe there’s one particular endeavor you’re meant to go through in your earlier years and perhaps another one in the latter portion of your life.

Many believe that we’re meant to navigate through one big journey in life. But perhaps, it’s multiple journeys.

There are many such examples in which life ostensibly came to an end, only to be challenged again with a different perspective.

Scientist Stephen Hawking continued to do research and develop theories years after his ALS diagnosis and far exceeded the average lifespan of someone diagnosed with ALS.

Actor Christopher Reeve once stated that his speaking engagements and running the Christopher Reeve Foundation kept him far busier, despite being confined to a wheelchair, than any acting job he ever had.

Both Hawking and Reeve continued to be active in some ways, literally until their last days.

Do we come into this world for a specific purpose? I believe so. But overtime, that purpose can change, multiply or give birth to several new purposes.

Do you believe you’ve found your purpose in life? Or do you tend to go more with the flow?

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