What is maturity?  What does it mean for our personalities to mature?  Let us first take a look at the meaning of maturity in our Webster Dictionary:

Maturity:  1.  the state, fact or period of being mature.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning of Maturity:  1.  The state of a human being when growing into maturation of the soul.  2.  The growing up of our personalities where our emotions and psychological being catch up to our physical self.

Maturity is how we grow as individuals emotionally and psychologically.  Maturity is reaching a different place of wisdom than we were at the day or week or year before.  We do mature naturally on our own, but sometimes it is the experiences we go through that make us mature.

We can grow up through our experiences and we can grow up through our aging physically, but they are two different complete things.  Maturing psychologically means growing within our brain and becoming infinitely wiser as human beings.  Maturity is important from the standpoint of continuing to grow as a human being and we cannot grow without going through some hardships in life.

Sometimes it’s not fun to grow psychologically or mature, because it can be painful.  However, some would say it is worth the tradeoff.  If I make a mistake that hurts me internally, I will, if I learn from that mistake, grow and mature if I choose to.  Sometimes, we as humans have to make the same mistake over and over again to learn from these mistakes.

The definition of repeating the same mistakes over and over again and expecting different results in called insanity.   the definition of making a mistake and growing from it, so we don’t repeat it again, is the biggest form of maturity there is.  We grow as individuals daily by little things as well.  We become physically more mature, and emotionally more mature, but it comes down to the experiences we go through and learn from that determines our ultimate maturity.

We don’t always have to make mistakes to grow psychologically and mature.  We can also learn from others.  Either way we gain maturity if we learn the difference between the right and wrong of the lesson.

Thank you for reading about maturity with me today.  Have a beautiful and wonderful day.


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