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Why is competition important and what is the best way to handle it?  Let us first take a look at the meaning of competition in our Webster Dictionary.

Competition-1.The activity or condition of competing.  2.  the person or people with whom one is competing;  especially in a commercial or sporting arena;  the opposition

Daily Wisdom Word definition of competition-1.  The art of contending with another party who is contending with you.

Competition is sometimes positive.  it can mean the healthiness of two ball teams pairing up against each other, or it can mean watching a basketball game and all of the excitement when the game is close in points to one another.  Competition is fun, then.  Competition can be very disappointing for the losing team and it can be very exciting for the winning one.

Is there such a thing as unhealthy competition?  Yes, I believe there is.  When one opponent goes out of their way, to defeat another opponent out of dislike and respect, then this type of competition is unhealthy because of the motivating forces behind the competitor that feels this way.

Competition can also be unhealthy when two teams are playing against one another in a different league.  For instance, if I was on a junior varsity football team, and I was playing against a pro-football team, that would be unhealthy competition because the deck is obviously unfairly stacked.  There are some teams that enjoy this type of competition if you want to call it that.  They enjoy it because it reminds them of how big they are as a team and how much better they are, and this really isn’t  competition at all.  This is more like taking a small team against a large and more talented one, and having them beat the other team just for the heck of it.

Competition can be very healthy and enjoyable for the sports fans out there and for the teams, and one thing about competition that is just as important about learning how to win, is also learning how to lose.  Losing happens, and if done with dignity, disappointment and grace, then that is the healthy way to lose.

I was watching a show called “the circus” on Showtime, and I watched how hard the democrats truly fought against the republicans and vice-versa.  However, when it came time to give the opponents speech to the opponent that ultimately won, they gave their speeches with dignity and grace and congratulated the other side.

Do I think competition is fought fairly all the time?  absolutely not, which is why I am writing this post.

Thank you for reading about competition today and have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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