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HOW CAN PARAPHRASING BENEFIT US?  SURPRISINGLY, THE NUMBER ONE PROBLEM WHEN COMMUNICATION BREAKS DOWN HAPPENS WHEN WE DON’T FEEL LIKE THE PERSON WE ARE SPEAKING TO EITHER HEARD US OR UNDERSTOOD WHAT WE ARE TRYING TO SAY.  PARAPHRASING IS OUR ANSWER TO AVOID THESE TWO COMMUNICATION ISSUES, ESPECIALLY WHEN THAT PERSON is passionate about their message they want us to hear.  Paraphrasing is the key to allowing us convey we are understanding the person and what they mean in what they say, are communicating.  The “listener” needs to know we are hearing them. 

In many cases during communication a person can be sharing their message with us verbally.  Sometimes we don’t fully understand their message, and the number one reason this happens is because w don’t!  There are two ways to listen to another person speaking to us.  One is by actively listening with the other being passive listening.  When we are actively listening, we are involved in communicating their message back to them and what it meant.  One way to actively listen is to allow them to get their messages to us in a way they feel we understood it.  The easiest way to really hear another person is to paraphrase.  Let us take a look at our Webster Dictionary meaning and our Daily Wisdom Word meaning of paraphrasing.   

Webster definition of paraphrasing- 1.  express the meaning of the writer or speaker or something written or spoken using different words, especially to achieve greater clarity.  2.  a rewording of something written or spoken by someone else.

Daily Wisdom Word meaning of paraphrasing-rewording a message conveyed to you in order to convey your understanding of this message, whether verbal or written. 

Paraphrasing can be very helpful with conversation if for no reason than learning more or making sure what you did learn or hear was accurate, especially when the topic of conversation isn’t one you are familia with.   I have homework for my readers today.  I want you to write a sentence down and convey the meaning of what you have written so that you can practice using paraphrasing.  Then, look back at what you read and rewrite this same message conveying the same information in different words. 

You may be an #author reading this now and wonder how this can benefit you.  Sometimes as the author of a book others read, especially when written about a complicated  subject.  You very likely wen prompting your work, do a book signing.  You may be asked, (most likely you will) to clarify to someone what you meant in what you wrote in something specific about your book.  Paraphrasing is so helpful with this. By rephrasing your words to the reader who is asking what you meant when writing this particular message, you will show the reader a clarity about what message you were conveying and see a light go off in their head.  This in and of itself makes mastering how to paraphrase worth it.  Thanks so much for reading!  Samantha LeBoeuf-Dailywisdomwords.com 

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