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Recognition, is a perfect word for all of us, not because “we get it”, but because “we give it”.

When was the last time you gave someone the recognition they deserve?  For instance, our parents.
Think of all they sacrificed to raise us!  They deserve recognition, but instead, they, thank God, so they pass it on, 

Recognition is important to share with those you care about.
   “Recognition”  is a “powerful wisdom word, and something we don’t often think of with ourselves or others.  Think of the last time you were recognized for something.  Think, about how you felt, when you received the recognition.  Were you embarrassed, thankful, emotional, or rejecting?
I think the reaction from another, is more important sometimes, then the recognition itself in what it reveals about an individual’s personality.  I think about myself, and my best friend and partner for life.  I am very blessed in that area because he notices everything positive I do, without critiquing the negative.

“Recognition” is a gift that that we give to others.  
Sincerity is necessary when we recognize an individual, and being thankful for all they do, and who they are, makes this SINCERE because to notice them, is to love them, in a positive way….

Criticizing others, is so negative, and is a genuine waste of valuable time with our loved ones, and a quality that is often seen in a person who is “secure within oneself”.  However, developing the gift of recognition and noticing the positive qualities with others, is simply the “insight within us”, and we can strengthen this by truly “looking for the positive in all aspects of the world.

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