What is a Schism? How many of you know right off the bat what this daily wisdom word means?

Let us take a look at the definition in the Webster Dictionary-1. A split or division between strongly opposed sections or parties, caused by differences in opinion or belief. 2. The formal separation of a church into two churches or the secession of a group owing to doctrinal and other differences.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition-the split between two ideas into different opposing forces. Poetry also has different types of schisms as well such as the following kinds: Short Schism Poems, Famous Schism Poems, Best Schism Poems, Schism Definitions, Read Schism Poems, Long Schism Poems, and Schism Quotes.

These types of Poetry once fell under one category and found themselves split into different divisions. History tells us this. Please as homework look up these different types of poems and you will be able to write me a schism poem.

The definition of Schism can also mean one church dividing into two factions based on different belief factors. A Schism can even be compared to a bad divorce where one household divides into two based on different belief systems.

One interesting fact about schisms is the word was originally spelt scisme, cisme, and sisme in English. It was etymologically related to scissors. (It isn’t now, but that is how its spelling originated.)

Schisms are break offs of another division of anything. Politics is a good subject to bring up when talking about schisms. You have the Republicans, Democrats, and several other small factions, such as the tea party breaking off from the Republican Party. There is a schism going on right now in the news, in the democratic party. You have people extremely to the left, and then you have the left wing conservative branch of the democratic party. These are the beginnings of factions that I believe we will see in the future, the above paragraph simply being my opinion.

Schism Poetry is fascinating but the main point in regards to it, is that is is little break offs of the original General Poetry. Today I want you all to look up the definitions of Short Schism Poems, Famous Schism Poems, Best Schism Poems, Schism Definition Poems, and Read Schism Poems, Long Schism Poems, and Schism Quotes if you don’t understand my definitions. There are subcategories of these types of Poems, so you will have to do a little research. I hate to add to the confusion, but there are also visceral schism poems and below is an example of one:

Admiring the clock, clicking my tongue
With the pendulum and ding dong result
Musing over mahogany
or whatever the time machine is made of
In a daze, minutes are the malaise
And before I can see it
I’ve got ecstasy in my face

You can also just use the general Schism Definition in a poem and Post as usual. I would like to see more people posting their Poetry on the Community Poetry Page, which will then give you the option to Post on twitter. The Community Corner Page is up and this will be open discussion boards about Poetry and subjects related, such as books, quotes, and blogs. Anything that is associated with writing will be on these discussion boards. However, I have to learn to use them first to explain them to you. We should be in business by the mid part of next week for the Community Corner Page. I have to get direction from my IT Guy who happens to be unavailable for the weekend.

You may also post your Poetry on twitter if this website isn’t comfortable for you yet, although the only way to get comfortable, is to practice using it, but there are still glitches we are working through.

Thanks so much for reading about Schisms today.

Have a beautiful and blessed Day.

Samantha Leboeuf

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