What is the definition of Liberty and do you have it in your life?

Let us take a look at the definition of liberty in the Webster Dictionary?-1.  The state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior or political views.  2.  the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.  3.  An instance of this;  a right of privilege, especially a statutory one.  4.  the power or scope to act as one pleases.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition-Liberty-1.  The pursuit of happiness without being oppressed from ones desires within.

Liberty is a daily wisdom word that is very important as it has to do with our civil liberties.  It gives us the right to peacefully protest, go to a nudist colony, and covers our civil rights as individuals.  I have had my Liberty put into question before due to a conflict of state law verses our Constitutional rights and one can sue for this if necessary.

The Constitution of the United States protects our liberty and spells it out.  We have certain constitutional rights given to us through federal law, but state law intercedes with this occasionally.  When this happens we do have a lawsuit on our hands that we can choose to pursue.

Liberty is also about being able to pursue your own religious beliefs such as Christianity, Catholicism, and Mormonism just to name a few.  We also have the right not to believe in any religious belief at all, although personally for me I am proud to say I am a Christian.  However, that does not make my belief system any more important or less important than your belief system.

This is a perfect example of human liberty which gives us the right to avoid oppression, slavery or being imprisoned if we have not done anything wrong.  The Celebration of July 4th, Independence day is about Celebrating these rights and privileges we have .  This was signed and written in our Declaration of Independence signed July 4th, 1776 which is why we celebrate it to begin with.

We also have other rights such as the freedom of speech.  We have the freedom to say what we want when we want within the laws of the United States of America.  Liberty should never be taken for granted, because it is a gift.  A gift, that we worked hard for generations back.  It is also a gift many other countries and parts of the world don’t have.  We should never take our right to liberty for granted or abuse it.  It is a privilege and that is explaining liberty on very basic terms.

There is even a beautiful statue built on Liberty Island, New York Harbor, in New York City to remind us of this.

I would love to see many Poems today written about this wise wisdom word, as there are many different angles to write on with this word.

Thank You so much for reading daily wisdom words and I wish you a beautiful and blessed day.  I apologize for not writing yesterday.  Our house was struck by lightening and we didn’t have an internet connection available but I hopefully am making up for it today.


Warmest Regards,

Samantha Leboeuf


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