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Did you know that scientists, doing research, analyzed two mice with IDENTICAL DNA, and they behaved completely different from one another?

Each of us, although a tiny spec in the overall picture, are UNIQUE.  We are all different from one another, and even though we may be a tiny part of the overall picture, you are very important and amazing, and you are unique in some way that makes you different than anyone else.

Do you know yourself well enough to have figured out exactly what your uniqueness is?

Uniqueness is something valuable, and a wise wisdom word, and extremely important to all of us.  Can you imagine the “flavor of life” if all of us were the same?  Life would be bland, with no flavor and no color.

The color of our unique world, “and we all have one” is each personality of your family members and you, blending in an imperfect world, and your uniqueness, is the most valuable part of your world.

If your reading this and you ask yourself, “How am I unique”, and you don’t know the answer, most likely, you feel a little “LOST” on your path in life, or just beginning to walk it.

I want us all to know that answer because knowing what and how your unique, creates knowledge, and as we all know, knowledge is power;  SPIRITUAL power.  Spiritual power is greater than any gold or silver or money is this world.  Why?  Because, spiritual power is not, OF, this world.
 Spiritual power, “begins” with knowledge, and “ends” with humility.

Spiritual power comes from God, and how we begin to know him, is by first, understanding he created all of us, and he made each of us UNIQUE from one another, so we would have color and flavor of the best kind, in our world.

How I, personally, pray, and listen, and honestly, sometimes I don’t hear anything but static, but most times, I can hear my “inner voice” which is unique to all of us.  I believe that is the voice of God, answering my prayers through Jesus, (our personal compass), leading us on our journey in Life.  Jesus, who died on a cross, so we could all live.

 I also believe Jesus is our intermediary to “connect” with the Lord, because he is much too powerful  to directly connect with us, so his son, Jesus helps us understand what we need and want, IF, we let him.  My beliefs.  My virtue, without judgement of another’s beliefs, because our personal belief system is unique as well.

I strongly believe, in virtue, however, Virtue, WITHOUT judgement, and because of that, I realize that “my belief system” is unique to myself, and appreciate and understand that others have the right to believe different.  I appreciate our differences, and praise our imperfection.  Perfection would be Boring!

Thank you so much for reading my posts, and if you like what you read, please comment, and share it with your friends….

Happy Easter to all of you.  May God bless your unique self, every second of every minute of every day!  SL

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