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Revelation is a word we generally associate with profound knowledge and wonder, or we think of the Bible, (Revelations).

What does a revelation mean to us, and why, and when we do have one, should we appreciate the chance we have to learn, grow and change from the knowledge it offers?   Revelations, along with truth, carry a warning of strong consequences to follow should we continue the same behavior pattern and ignore the message.   Sound familiar? What exactly is a personal revelation?

First, let us look at the Webster Dictionary meaning if the wisdom word, Revelation:   A striking disclosure;  (personal meaning), 2.  God’s disclosure to humanity of “divine truth”.  (Public meaning). 
Wisdom word definition of Revelation:  “A personal insight within ourselves, given to us to inspire a lesson of knowledge resulting in an a revealed truth or consequence “
I will write about my wisdom word definition and the beauty and wisdom wonder a revelation can inspire.
I have had a few personal revelations in my life, and found that each time I had one, first, and foremost, it was a message about “truth”.  With that, also came a choice.  The revelation resulted in a personal choice to accept the knowledge the revelation revealed to me about my previous actions, or behavior and a clear call for change.
Wisdom words was inspired by my mistakes in life.  The last time I had a revelation, I had a car accident when driving on medication after surgery, and I won’t ever repeat that mistake again.  What did I learn from this?  I learned that even  a prescription written from a doctor can result in impairment while driving, possibly causing injury to myself, or others.  That, was a huge revelation, and along with it, came CHANGE.
My revelation inspired the truth and choice it brought about, to make changes in all areas of my life.  Along with that change, came the realization that my actions can affect others resulting in “consequences” of profound impact.  
I had a stark realization of my actions before the revelation, and the knowledge I had a “choice to inspire change, and grow internally” or ignore the knowledge the message inspired.  
Revelations cause an “ah ha” moment as Oprah says, and we choose to listen to the message, and connect, or ignore the truth it carries with it.  Often, a Revelation carries a WARNING of how our actions affect ourselves and others, and a choice to change.    Some of us choose to ignore the message, and the messenger.

When we ignore our revelations, and choose to continue the same behavior, a bigger message always seems to follow.  Revelations are God Given, and a gift to each of us, carrying new knowledge and insight I call “wisdom wonder”. 

Revelations are “God inspired”, and they do STRIKE quickly, and light bulbs go off when we have one.

Another interesting thing about Revelations?  They don’t happen OFTEN, and just like the message Revelations shares in the Bible, of consequences to come, we have a choice to make.  Change the behavior or actions, and act on the message, or Do nothing.  
 God never gives us more then we can handle, and a revelation is a nice way for him to inspire us to grow, by giving us a lesson in truth along with a VERY SPECIFIC MESSAGE.  Personal Revelations are spiritual and “God inspired,”  A revelation, carries HOPE and light beyond temporary darkness.  A revelation opens the door to a new direction to take and knowledge with Spiritual Power that carries a “message” very special and unique for you.  Revelations gives us new directions, when we’re temporarily lost on our journey.

 Revelations, are often followed by a profound change in our life.  Revelations lead us to the light so we can see a whole new direction and path.  We make a choice to change our “final destination”  resulting in a course correction of renewed faith, hope and knowledge and WISDOM.  SL

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