This is one mishap that concerns not only me but other people in the globe and I’d like everyone to talk about it.

Last week, a girl was raped in Benin, Nigeria, in a church and was killed. I’m very sure she is not the only one. Many people all over the globe face this very bedeviling thing.

I’d like to implore everyone to look at the picture carefully, compose a poem inspired by the picture and share with us.

It won’t stop immediately but I’m sure it’ll if we talk about it. So, let’s talk about it. Use the comment box below.

Please use #JusticeForUwa and #DWWPP

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Kattt (@kattt)
10 months ago

I’ll carry my shame
In uncomfortable silence
I’ll never speak ur misdeeds
I won’t show defiance
I’ll hide my scars
cowering at ur feet
& ultimately admit
2 submitting in defeat
For who would believe
A tough guy like me
Would be terrorised & terrified by someone such as she….

Samantha Leboeuf (@slleboeuf)
10 months ago
Reply to  Kattt

Wow, this is so powerful…Your words are like ammunition

Kattt (@kattt)
10 months ago

I cowered in the corner Disgusted with myself A shivering shocked wreck Questioning my mental health Shamefully I had led you on Or so you kept repeating Pranced provocatively before you Deserving of my beating & when you forced yourself upon me Your putrid breath on my face I felt myself die a little As fear made my heart race. You whispered in my ear Describing every despicable act Reminding me I’d asked for it Stating calmly as a fact I closed my eyes & bit on my tongue As you defiled my soul But you wont break me I… Read more »

Kattt (@kattt)
10 months ago

Bound &broken
Physically abused
Left in a heap
Battered &bruised
No thoughts of me
Crossed ur mind
U took what u wanted
Leaving devastation behind
Just what did I do
That gave u the right
2 take away my choice
& overpower my fight
But I will survive
Just to spite u

@Tetrametracall1 (@verde_mar)
10 months ago

No longer alone suddenly terrified
aghast eyes demand escape
hands boxing like dad taught
voice screaming into darkness.
Pain finds all of me grounded
my clothes ripped away
he thrusts me harder down
bleeding my eyes refuse to see.
I am alone being raped again
he knew where I lived
America looked away again
Because I love myself.

Michelle (@michelle)
10 months ago

Stifling entrapment
abused n hollow
from yesterday’s blow
the pain that creeps
their heart does weep
Souls enslave
feelings outrage
fears cut deep
courage that grips
freedom they seek
a voice to speak.

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