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Daydreams, are a part of  a string of consciousness we fall into where we escape current, task oriented duties and “separate” from reality.   According to the latest research on daydreams show that individuals spend as much as 47% of their time daydreaming.  Overall, there have been several studies done on daydreams.  I know for myself, personally, I daydream more often when I am feeling unhappy with current circumstances in life.  I don’t even realize I am daydreaming.  Daydreams are higher than the 47% mentioned above, when we suffer with attention deficit disorders.  This happens to escape from everyday active thought oriented tasks.  Daydreaming, if you are creative, can lead to thoughts that cause general creativity.  

Much of my writing is fiction, and daydreaming many times has led to ideas for these stories.  Overall, based on the reading I have done, daydreaming is a source of escape from reality.  Reality, especially when unhappy, causes the mind to generally drift to happier times, even exaggerating memories and thoughts of what could be.  One characteristic of daydreaming is disassociating with reality.  According to researchers, Moneyham and Schooler, five traits of daydreams are:  1.  relief  from boredom 2.  creative thinking 3,  future thinking also known as autobiographical thinking, which serves to speculatie and anticipate future events 4.  attentional cycling  5. dishabituation.  (described as reaction to known stimulants, like daydreaming of sex or the experience of halucinogens or effects of feel good drugs.)

I don’t often realize I am daydreaming while I am doing it.  If I have a task oriented chore like house cleaning I am doing, I know how to do it as an outo function and often find my mind drifting.  I will “come back to reality” after finishing the task and move onto the next thing I need to do.  If I am doing something new, like making a new recipe, daydreaming isn’t present, because it requires active thinking for me to focus on the task, and I can’t “float off” for a lack of better terminology.  

Often times, I find myself daydreaming, not to escape an unhappy set of circumstances, but to relive a happy time I just experienced.  I don’t think I would call this daydreaming as much as I would pondering my thoughts.  Do you realize your daydreaming during the process or more likely when you finish?  How do you feel about daydreams and why do you think they are more common in individuals with attention deficit disorder and ADHD?  I would love to have some comments and thoughts below in the “Join the discussion area”.  I will be notified of your comments and will respond as promptly as possible.  

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Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
10 months ago

There is a thin line between daydreaming and visualizing a better future. This kind of escape has its place if it doesn’t dominate your life.

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