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You know me. I am a jolly good fellow surrounded with good people. You know what, this song reminds me of a popular adage peculiar to the Yoruba speaking people in Western Nigeria.

Awon eniyan ni aso mi

In English language, it means people are my clothes. It is proverb that suits this beautiful song by Jack Johnson. The question in the song is, where are all the good people? They are at Daily Wisdom Words. I am the first candidate. (laughs) A big thanks to Michelle Huggelmann for suggesting that i feature this song on Daily Wisdom Words Music Prompt. Welcome!

  • Listen to song
  • Compose a write inspired by song
  • Use #DWWMP
  • Share with us

Remember, it doesn’t count if you do not invite someone to join the prompt. I am Abuh Monday Eneojo. I will be your host. Let’s do this!


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Abuh Monday Eneojo
Monday Abuh is a poet and author of three books.
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The world keeps changing, the traffic is bad If I try to drive over, the people are sad. Don’t know the reason, that the good people left only know the seasons, time committing theft. Tick tock its the clock, reminding me to take a walk I turn on the TV only bad news to see! where are the good people did they leave? or did the world change, then, so did we. gone is the kindness, all of them showed i feel so confused, where did the good people go? Give me some reason, so I see what is now… Read more »

2 months ago

Sharing Your Vibe

Will you share your vibe
dance into mine
walk on my beach
where have you been, love?

You afternoon my words
finding your beat to stay us
everyone else is gone
shall we make today our?

Tales of loves lost & found
our mood remembers them
starlight blanketing us
where will we go now?

2 months ago

good people
has sojourned in
daffodil dreams
where the blue Jays sings
kissed down
with all the
familiar sunrise
remembrance of blooms
scenting the air
for honey bees
floating on water lilies
and love remembers
the exotic delirium
of their laughter
compensating mornings .


Good people are gone, where did they go? no smiles I see, a life moving slow. Where is the ocean? all scenery scorched is the earth no good people to see Walking on streets trying to find, where the good people with smiles there’s no sign I thought i i knew happiness, a crowd walks the streets through all the motion, no good people I see. Where did they go? when did they leave? all the good people whose smiles I can’t see These new people, never can smile, there is no laughter I feel so beguiled the new people,… Read more »

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