“Life is not a competition between men and women. It is a collaboration.”
-David Alejandro Fearnhead

Hello dear readers,
Thank you as always for taking your valuable time to read my posts. I do not have an official post today as there will be a two-part post coming tomorrow and Thursday. The post is about feminism and what its exact definition is and how it is very often misconstrued.

This particular article needs to be written with caution as in this day and age, different people have different views about not only our political scenario, but particularly, when it comes to women and their rights.

As I scroll through social media, it makes me sad when people resort to hate and negativity to get their point across. In response, I hope to make this article a positive piece, even when quoting people who might disagree with the article or others quoted in it.

I look forward to sharing it with you and I hope you look forward to reading it. In the meantime, please check out other sections of this site. If you’re into music, check out the DWW Music Prompt page.

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Also, if you enjoy any or all of these pages, please feel free to leave us some feedback in the comments section as it helps a lot. We, the team at DWW, care a lot about what you, the reader thinks and would love comments or even suggestions as to how we could enhance this site even more to make it an optimal platform for lovers of the #WritingCommunity.

Thank you again,
Neel Trivedi

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