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The Eyes in the Forest

The Eyes in the Forest

by: Guildford Windley

The Eyes in the Forest
Behold deep in the forest the fate of mankind
Before our eyes she is dying, a once vibrant forest, and a place of beauty
A forest teeming with life, healthy and vital to the world’s ecosystem
But to a man who sees only the economic gain of plundering the forest for their own greed
The forest gave of itself the bounty of the woods, the life of all creatures that habitat the land, were endangered
She has come, the child of God, her presents to see through her eyes what destruction man has done
Her mission on earth is to aid the dying forest as she watches mankind drive to extinction
God gave humanity a world full of beauty, but man was not content
Driven by avarice and hate mankind raped the land of its beauty through wars, and for economic gain
As men slowly destroy the world, his Garden of Eden, the eyes of the girl sees the end of all life coming
If only we had listened to the words of those who saw the world as it was changing— temperature rising sea levels slowly consuming more land, the oceans warmer and sea life dying off
On the land more deserts, as the poisoned land has died, and once fertile soil has given way to dust
In the air all polluted, what we breathe is killing us, what we eat is killing us
The storms and droughts are wreaking havoc upon the land
As the little angel see each species dying through eyes of sadness her tears fall and run deep upon the land
The Day of Judgment is a nearing; there will be no place to hide
For when the world forest goes, the ecosystem of us all, will die and so will all mankind!
Guildford H Windley
March 10, 2020

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