“My body is a temple and I would never pollute it with what some money-driven, corporate doctor tells me to take just to add an extra dish of caviar on HIS plate.”

-Volunteer at a mental health seminar

I heard the quote above a few years ago at a local mental health seminar I was invited to speak at. I wasn’t too surprised as over the years, being a mental health patient has exposed me to a diverse bunch of opinions, especially where medication is concerned.

What did catch me off-guard was the level of blatant cynicism that all prescription based or chemically based medication “pollutes” the body.

Before proceeding, I feel it’s important for me to state my overall opinion on natural medicine in comparison to over-the-counter or prescription medicine.

Firstly, I believe that if natural medication does indeed help you, it should be your first choice. It’s not unlike the advice you get for nutritional supplements vs finding the nutritients you need in “real food.” Meaning, if you’re lacking probiotics, you should try eating yogurt first before you buy a supplement.

I certainly agree that you should keep your body free of chemically dependent drugs for as long as possible. Because once a chemical enters your body, you do become dependent on it at some point.

That said, what can’t be over-emphasized is that every body is different. Every living organism biologically differs from another. There are certain diseases, illnesses, ailments, etc. which need a chemical to destroy it.

For as long as I can remember, my body has never responded to natural supplements. Whether it’s medication for my asthma, depression or sleep-aids, without chemical assistance, there’s not even an iota of difference. And believe me, it’s certainly not from a lack of trying.

Over the years, I’ve tried several natural approaches to various ailments be it supplements from a natural health shop, acupuncture or even more far-out methods like visiting people who claimed they could “cure me” simply by a combination of the “power of touch” and psychedelic energy. The last one was ONLY to satisfy my curiosity rather than an outlook that it’ll be even mildly efficacious.

But that’s me. There are so many people who have said that alternative approaches have made a significant difference to their overall health. My mom swears by her acupuncturist and her natural supplements. Yet, even she agrees that for more permanent health issues like her diabetes and high blood pressure, she needs her insulin and pills from the pharmacy, respectively.

Overall, there seem to be three schools of thoughts to natural medication. The first one is one who believes ONLY in natural medication and won’t go near pharmaceutical drugs unless targeted by something extreme. The second is those who feel like keeping a balance of both, (my Mom would fall under that category). And lastly, there are those who dismiss natural supplements as nothing but psychological mumbo-jumbo.

As mentioned earlier, I myself fall somewhere in the second category. In tomorrow’s follow-up to this topic, I’ll specifically explore different opinions and examples of various people from all three categories.

Do you know of specific examples in which natural supplements worked or didn’t work for an ailment? Share your thoughts and experiences by commenting below.

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