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What causes us to connect with certain individuals, both male and female?  What makes these connections so strong?  Have you ever felt naturally drawn to someone?  Having a strong, initial connection will do this.  This article will explore why we may have a stronger connection to one person over another.  Before going any further, let us take a look at the definition of connections.

Connections Meaning from Webster-A relationship which a person, thing or idea is linked or associated with something else.  

Daily Wisdom Words Definition of connections-1.  two strong forces that feel drawn to each other varying from person to person. 

Connections can be strong with some people, instantly.  I am sure you’ve heard or felt someone or yourself say, “You have never understood exactly why, but you have felt a deep profound connection with someone.   I remember when I first met my grandmother Irene.  We had an invisible connection that drew us towards one another like magnets.  She  would always pull me aside from her other grandchildren and whisper to me, “Your my favorite, Sammy.” 

1.  Familial ties can cause strong connections.  

2.  Common interests can definitely form an initial bond.

3.  Chemistry

4.  Addictions to drugs, sex or other things.

5.  sharing a profound experience with an individual.

Most of these reasons are self-explanatory.  It is easy to form a connection with someone and want to share more with them because you feel you’ve bonded over a tragedy.  However, reason #3 is what I find most interesting.  This would be chemistry with another individual, especially a connection to someone your physically attracted to.  Chemistry is illusive, and you cannot see it.  However, through pheromones you may be subconsciously able to smell them causing a strong sexual connection.

Pheromones were first discovered in the 70’s and co-founded with Dr. Cutler, an endocrinologist.  He found that sweat from under the arms, in overbearing amounts of sweat.  When you wiped away the sweat, something was left, and these are when pheromones were first proven into existence.  

According to an article in psychology today, we are subconsciously able to pick up on the smell of someone and this is directly equated to our sexual connection to another partner.  Women who are around each other on a regular schedule tend to menstruate at the same time.  This also can bond a friendship to someone to be even stronger.  

Chemistry, as I stated above is elusive, and strong connections can be built when experiencing tragedies together or addictions to alcohol which is what Alcoholics Anonymous is based off of.  Some of the friendships I have seen and experienced, when I used to attend these meetings, were so strong.  Mutual loneliness can also cause us to experience a strong connection with someone.  

There is so much we don’t know about connections yet, and what makes some of these connections so intense.  I watch my son with his girlfriend, who he has been with for almost two years.  They have an unspoken connection that is so strong, based off of three of the above five things I have listed.  It is very obvious they have sexual chemistry, common interests, and share a common impacting emotional event.  I feel like God or angels play a role, or at least I hope they do in building lasting connections.  

Timing can play a huge role in connections, when your meeting one another and both want to settle down for example and want to get off the merry-go-round of the dating game.  A connection or bond can be very strong when timing is perfect for these two stars to align.  

Who in your life have you formed the strongest connection with?  Perhaps it is a parent.  Perhaps a friend or lover.  Either way, the mystery still surrounding connections shows us we still have much research to do.  

Ponder the people in your life you have made the strongest connections with and share with me, why you think this is.  Does it fall in a box such as the five suggestions I mentioned earlier in this article, or is it something you cannot quite grasp even today.  

When your finished reading this article, scroll down to the bottom of the page to the “join the discussion” area, and leave a comment about why you feel we may have stronger ties to some people over others.  Or , you can leave a poem or quote about how connections have played a role in your life!

Thanks so much for reading!  Samantha Leboeuf


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