The Heart vs The Mind

“Heart and brain, they are one and the same. The REAL battle is between YOU and YOU only.”
-Nityakalyani Muralidharan

When conversing about or imbibing words from quotes, philosophers and/or motivational speakers, one paradox always lingers on due to its contradictory nature:

The issue of following your heart vs following your mind.

There are ideologies that encourage logic and reasoning when embarking on special endeavors.

There are also ideologies that advocate listening to your heart and apply more feeling rather than thinking.

Even in my posts here, I’ve explored both areas. I’ve written about utilizing some logic when making pivotal decisions and I’ve also written about following your gut feeling when the time calls for it.

So what happens when your gut feeling or your heart and your mind don’t agree? Do you have to choose one?

In my opinion, not really. Even when you have two conflicting opinions a compromise is possible.

The philosophy I mostly abide by is letting my heart choose the destination and my mind choose the path to get there.

In the big picture, it’s always important to please yourself and do what your heart desires. But that doesn’t have to equate to eliminating all practicality.

For example, if you’re working a corporate job but really want to be a painter, work towards that goal. Paint on weekends until you become good enough to generate a decent income for it. Till then, keep your day job and save.

The key, according to me, is finding a balance between the two. Let your heart soar high in dreams and ambitions. Let your mind help you get there.

Are you more of a practical thinker or intuitive? Or both? Share your thoughts on this post by commenting below.

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Noble Member
1 year ago

This is really good stuff, Neel. I have always thought of the heart and mind working independently… It is interesting to look at these two things separate from one another. Thanks so much for sharing with us today.

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