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Good Morning all Members and Friends!

As we are all having issues with our current public health and our new “social distancing” recommendation/mandation, depending on where you live around the globe, we all need each other more than ever. If we still have a choice or if those choices have been made for us depending on what area we live in we first need to deal with the truth about our present situation, “(our new “normal) with COVID-19. I do however, want to mention, I am a strong believer in the power of positivity as well, and we simply DO NOT have all the answers yet, but that does not mean there is nothing the future coming, so all hope is not lost either.

IT IS likely to get worse before we see it get better. I don’t say this lightly. I have faith in you all, my dear members, but life cannot operate on the past as we knew it only two weeks ago, and today. There is up to a two week incubation period with this virus so it is very important we listen to our health officials.

There are many things that are promising about including an antiviral medication to hopeful about which falls under the category, “compassionate use” medication, and the potential the use of erythromycin, , an antibiotic normally used treat “BACTERIAL INFECTIONS” which COVID-19 is not. I am not a physician, but, do watch the news carefully. There are also a shortage of medical supplies which causes issues with how many patients get treated, and a shortage of the tests we have been using to diagnose the presence of COVID-19. Again, this in itself is not something we can afford to be in a position with as the number of cases continues to grow. We also need to face the truth about our overall adjustments to the picture as we continue to get new information.

On the other hand, there is a new rapid test that takes approximately 45 minutes to get the results of for COVID-19. This also means the amount of tests we can perform is greater, easing the problem with testing and gives us a clearer picture of what the numbers are, with negative and positve cases.
What do we have then, you may say, to be hopeful about? What DO we have? We have one another to turn to. We can talk on the phone, email, and support one another. This may be a bad day for your friend and a good one for you. On the good days, we can support others, and on the bad days, others can offer us encouragement. I am angry too, as this is one of the emotions many of us are experiencing.

Anger can only take us so far, however, and we need our energy to focus on the positive but also be brutally honest with ourselves as this “Pandemic” was coming, and we chose to ignore it. What good does it honestly do us to focus on something we now cannot change?

You will see these kinds of updates from myself, or Neel or Dr. D more often. Dr. D., is a retired Psychologist who also continued on with her education to obtain a PhD.  She has volunteered herself and her time. We are so fortunate to have as a tool to help us get through this. If, you find yourself obsessing on this, get your mind occupied with other things. I see no reason to obsess on things we have little or no control over. We can, however help others, as we see today, with our own brand of support.

Neither Neel or I are “Licensed Counselors”. We both have experience however, personally and education wise that can help you. The webpage address to get to this particular page, is “https://dailywisdomwords.com/wise-advice”. We also can refer you to another avenue if a phone or email appointment is not enough. Use us, because we want you to. We are here for you as far as we can help…Simply click on the link above, and request to work with us over the phone, or by email. We know many of you do not live in the USA, so we must request to work with you via email due to calling rates unless you are able to call us. If this is the case, we are here for you via phone, and it may be possible with communication, to arrange a time to speak with us at your convenience as well.

You must be a member of Daily Wisdom Words, to take advantage of counseling. You may join on our home page at: https://dailywisdomwords.com/become-a-member.

If you are not a member, it is $10 right now to sign up with no monthly fees. We have prompts such as Poetry Prompts, Music Prompts, the Daily Wisdom Words blog beneath my column you can “Join the discussion” if anything I say resonates with you and you would like to discuss it further. I encourage you to join one of our groups as well. Talking with others, even if it is live “message chats” is helpful. Depression is another way of turning inward. Let us be your outlet along with other “outside alternatives” such as your family or friends.

Please email myself, or contact Neel through his webpage, https://dailywisdomwords.com/wisdomology. His advice and articles are excellent. Dr. D. Hosts a live show where she sends an article out that may trigger something you need to turn “outward” to get, and because she is a Professional, with over 20 years experience as a Psychologist, she can give you better advice than myself, or Neel.

Distractions are important at a time like this as well! Enter the ongoing “Poetry Contest”. The winner will receive a membership which they may “gift” to someone else/ $200 cash/ featured, along with their poem on this website, as well as Facebook and Twitter; an interview on YouTube with our “Member ambassador” and social media guide and you and your winning poem will also be announced on “Posted” on facebook and twitter. You may submit unlimited entries, and your poem can be about whatever you feel passion to write from your heart with.

Shirley also writes a very interesting column called, “Wise Poets of present and past.” The webpage address for Shirley is: https://dailywisdomwords.com/wise-poets-present-and past.

Remember: I am here for you in whatever capacity I am able to help. You can also send me a direct message on Twitter. My user name is: @dailywisdomwrds or simply reply to this email.  You may also email me directly at slleboeuf@gmail.com. Remember:  We are all in this "together".  YOU ARE NOT ALONE, NO MATTER HOW LONELY YOU FEEL, REACH OUT TO ANOTHER FOR HELP.  



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