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Twitter Driven Micro Poetry: The Hot New Trend for Wise Poets

Twitter Driven Micro Poetry: The Hot New Trend for Wise Poets

Twitter Driven Micro-Poetry: The Hot New Trend for Wise Poets

The decade of the 90’s sand beyond 2000 was the age of the short poem, with the submission guidelines averaging 20 line or less for most print anthologies of the day. These guidelines were in place mainly due to space constraints and the literary preferences of modern readers. Gone were the days of the book length poem. And then came along the wildly popular character restricted social media platform Twitter then wa-la micro poetry was born, and today Twitter poets have the challenge of packing a great big verbal punch in only a few short words contained in only 280 characters in writing very short haiku-like poems.

But the one basic difference between haiku and micro poetry is that there are no set rules regarding the number of syllables per line in micro poetry. In fact, there are no set rules for micro poetry at all, so this new form, for all intents and purposes, is free verse poetry in style, and poetic license is the only real rule. These new Twitter poems can be expressed in any shape that fits within 280 character limit, with some poets electing to use one or two words per line in a linear shape, While other poets elect to use numbers and single letters to stand for words in their pithy little poems with lines such as “My kisses go 2 you” or perhaps “My kisses go to U”. These new literary devices are not only trendy and cool. But also help the Twitter poet to stay within the character limit guidelines.

Also, while traditional Japanese haiku almost always brings the reader to a momentary experience happening in nature, this Millennia form of present day “haiku” can be about any subject that is important to the poet, with some writers still writing about nature, while others write about mediation, art and lifestyle, as in the following two examples by Michael Robert Lawrence and Rosie Mann pulled directly off of Twitter respectively, And here we also see that the rules of grammar and punctuation are also fluid or do not apply at all.

Habitat of the loner

Fertile grounds
Growing art

Fiercely present
in introspective silence

Static free
Undisturbed channel

Divine conduit

Into pen, brush, camera or
Magic wands of creation

For the world to see


rest awhile in the deep calmness


Then often the subject matter in micro verse is often about love, relationships and romantic passion as in the poetry of popular Twitter poet diego garcia,

Your life is still unfamiliar
That guides mine.
Thank you.


Your gaze burned my retina,
I have become blind,
Now I only watch you.


Your sweat, all in star dust
Will come and light up
My body.

We do not know who the next generation of poets will look back on as being the masters of this new form, but these present day bards of micro poetry are blazing trails on the vast social media platforms of today. And a Renaissance a of the arts is happening today, right now, to us. Thus, #poetryisnotdead.

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