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Our Daily Wisdom Word today is “guessing”.  We are all aware of the Pandemic going on in the world.  Agencies across the globe have their best Scientists working on the Covid-19 virus.  I chose the word, “guessing” because there seems to be an amazing amount of it going on.  Now, after shutting down the Countries, some of these same scientists and our President who is not a doctor, have decided it is now time to open things partially back because the country can’t handle it economically, and frankly I think we all know our President, despite consistent warnings from the health officials he hired to advise him, some of the governors are no longer looking at the science.  In fact, I think they would like to believe we are out of the woods.  I think it is clear now that they are guessing.  These governors and the president, may be making an “educated guess”, 

What exactly does it mean to guess?  If just one of these governors, despite failing to meet the criteria to open their state up to do business, taking a chance that all will be okay, or will they be practical, deal with the outside pressure and go by the scientific data which has clear criteria that should be met? The only suggestion that has come from WHO, or the Centers for Disease Control, is “social distancing”, and having residents stay home. When these Governors make their mind up What is it that we do know about COVID-19?

Covid-19 or the “Coronavirus” is a viral disease that works by penetrating a living cell.  The virus attacks one’s respiratory system, (SARS is also a type of Coronavirus) but this Coronavirus, is a mutation of SARS, Secure Acute Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus 2, of the genus Betacoronavirus and this is the causative agent of COVID-19.  We have a grasp on SARS-Covid 2.  This virus has taken many human lives in its lifetime.  in 2016, not a soul had heard of SARS-Covid-2. The issue Covidewith viruses is there are no “antibiotics” that can kill it.  There has been much discussion about where the virus, SARS Covid-2 and where it came from.  Another tale-tell sign of viruses, is that they love to mutate.  The biggest fear Scientists have is this mutation process with SARS and our Pandemic, Coronavirus-19, is what will we do about this if it mutates as well?

As we’re aware, all parts of the globe have had many cases of Coronavirus-19.  In order to better understand what I am going to explain, we must have some background knowledge to grasp the information.  I have researched this which is the only reason I am able to talk about it.  COVID-19 works by penetrating the wall of a human cell.  The potential first case we have knowledge of, began in Wuhan, China where a 71 year old man contracted this.  Of course, after the President gave us this news, he followed approximately three days later with “the politics”of our current government and its priority seemed to be political.  I must ask this question: “are they guessing?”  

What was next?  The government gave us a clear impression that the only way we could catch COVID-19 was through droplets of congestion and cases of Covid-19 continued to occur even when we followed the rules not to contract it, and some of us around this globe, did.  I have to ask again;  Are they guessing?  This has been going on for over 2 months now, and information falls on shady ground. 

Originally, the symptoms os Covid-10 was coughing, fever, congestion.  New symptoms now have been added to the disease and what doctors should look for.  New symptoms for diagnosing Covid-19 are lack of taste or taste sensation, stroke like symptoms, neurological symptoms, blue toes and other symptoms that the CDC and WHO will not confirm at this time.   I find it interesting when this pandemic started, we felt confident once you’v contracted COVID-19, you had immunity against it. Yes, we do develop some antibodies against it, but these antibodies don’t necessarily mean you will not contract this disease again.  We are seeing second cases of Covid-19 after the initial case.  It is one of the reasons why doctors seem to feel that just because we have immunity cells showing in our blood, this disease cannot be contracted again.  I must ask:  Are we guessing?  

What do we really know about Covid-19?  Is it truly “safe” to open back up the american economy?  So many places, doctors, disease specialists and our go to doctor who has stood by President Trump, Dr. Anthony Fauci have strong opinions, or they have come to a conclusion that a different perspective is the best way to handle this. We must have more tests for each of the tests we have now. There is a complete discrepancy between what the Physicians are telling us about these tests. 

When the governors talk, I also hear clearly they are short on blood tests, rapid tests, ventilators, beds, nursing equipment including masks, and gowns. I see our President get behind a podium on white house grounds and tell us all of the criteria we do/don’t have and on the very same news station I see interviews with governors of the states.  They tell us the exact opposite.  Last week, first President Trump said he would be the one in charge of getting the states up and running and they would follow his rules.  The constitution says otherwise and the President was quickly reminded of this.
Governors have the right to determine how their state will open and when it will open. Yet, Governors information regarding not having enough testing doesn’t allow management of their state and whether they will have the healthcare to take care of COVID-19 Patients.

I want all of us to be clear on criteria about COVID-19 from the Centers of Disease Control and WHO.  “If you want to re-open your state, the very first thing you look at would be 14 consecutive days of downtrending in the number of new cases in the state of Colorado, for example.  This is the state where I live.  Granted, Colorado doesn’t look nearly as bad as Georgia but one cannot make a case of the clear rule the CDC has before a state should open.  Colorado, despite some decline on certain days out of 14 consecutive days, is clearly NOT ready to open back up the state.

I want to leave you with the final numbers as of COVID-19 of death and mortality rates, numbers for the globally affected, which is: 2,912,421 cases that we know of, with only 20% or less of us being testedfollowing those global numbers, 203,431, the numbers reported in the United States of America of sick patients, patients who have now passed away from the disease and finally,960,896 people who have this virus and  the number of totally infected.  PLEASE KEEP IN MIND WE HAVE ONLY TESTED APPROXIMATELY 20% OF OUR CITIZENS, AND THAT IS BECAUSE EVERYONE CAN GET TESTED AND HAS, RIGHT?  NO, I AM BEING SARCASTIC.  THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS DISEASE:  IT IS A worthy adversary.  Many People who HAVE this disease show symptoms that are “Atypical”.  What this means is these patients show no symptoms at all and they would test positive if there were enough tests in this world to test them, but there aren’t.  Please ask yourself this question:  Finally, are they guessing? By the way, this includes EDUCATED GUESSES.       

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW                

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Shirley Satterfield (@guest_5754)
11 months ago

There is a lot of guess work going on now, so I think it behooves all of us as individuals to make our own personal decisions regarding face coverings and social distancing. I plan to wear a mask until they find a vaccine, to keep my social distancing, and not frequent places where large crowds gather. I am taking responsibility for my own health because the government is not going to take care of me. I’m calling my own shots here now. To hell with the government.

Abuh Monday Eneojo (@mondaydpoet)
11 months ago

Yes. It is clear. They are guessing.

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