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Cliche’s are commonly used phrases or words used to describe something or someone.  Cliche’s can be very relevant to us because we are writers.  It is easier whether consciously or subconsciously to use a cliche’ because they come to mind fast and we are used to hearing them from others.  When we are writing poetry or songs that portray A message we wish to be original, the poetry or song sounds more authentic when we verbalize it.  Many of us say, when using cliche’s, why not?  They are used so often to describe a particular thing they convey, people relate and understand you better when you do use them.  However true this is, when you have your own originality, whatever it is you are describing or whoever it is your conveying it to, must stay in tune with what you are saying in order to follow your line of thinking.  

Webster Definition of Cliche’s-A phrase or opinion that is overused and trite.

Daily Wisdom Words Definition of cliche’s-Expressions taken from everyday vocabulary overly used in our wording describing in general something or someone with a cliche’ despite the potentially boring description it may portray.  It is best to avoid cliche’s as often as possible, when writing a book, poem or song with originality.

I deliberately try to avoid cliche’s when writing.  I have noticed however, when describing something in conversation when doing my best to clarify whatever it is, guilty as charged!  Yes, I often use cliche’s.  We always use what works best with us no matter what it may relate to.  This statement sounds vague, but it isn’t really.  If someone is describing something to me, I absorb it quickly when they attach a cliche’ to its description. It is my opinion that things are spiced up a lot when avoiding cliches in conversations and any form of original writing.  

Cliche’s make things easier in our everyday conversation, so why not?  Some things are best when they come straight out of a book you write, not reproduce word for word.  It is the seasoning and special spices that make any recipe unique.  Once a recipe is unique, you get to call it your own.  Why not put an original spin on all of it simply because this is what makes it “yours”?

How do you feel about cliche’s?  Do you think it is okay to use as long as you don’t abuse them?  Would you call yourself a person who likes to chit chat about anything in order to avoid controversial conversation or even skating to the edge of it means?  Do you think it’s best to use cliches so you can easily convey your meaning when conversing?  Do you feel it necessary to avoid them when writing something you wish to call your own?  

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Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
8 months ago

As a rule of thumb I avoid cliches. But I do use them occasionally if my gut tells me it works for the specific piece I am writing, but even then I use quotes to signify that the content is not original, only old content used in a new way.

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