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Butterfly Hill

Butterfly Hill

by: Guildford Windley

Butterfly Hill
There’s a place that I like best; it’s an enchanted place
A little unassuming spot, really just a little dot of a spot on the map
But to me, it brings peace, it brings me joy, a certain serenity
It’s a place I like to go to renew, and refresh my spirit. A spot where one can clean their soul of the things that weigh us down, hurts, pain anger, fear, and hate.
It’s neither glitzy nor fancy, but then neither I’m I
It’s not famous to most folks, but it’s loved by the locals
Butterfly hill, oh yes that’s right, Butterfly hill
It’s just down the coast, not that far
Yet you will soon find yourself lost in the beauty that surrounds you.
A road that is at times a lonely twisted coastal road that fills the imagination and drives your senses
You’ll pass quaint little towns and weather old farms and fields of produce. There are horses and cows lazily eating grass dotted here and there on you way
Over bridges spanning gullies and creeks you’ll travel on this journey to find yourself—-Or more per precisely to center oneself within our universe
On your right, as you drive down the coast you’ll come to a stretch of road on your right are cliffs high above the water they stand guard over lonely little coves of sandy beaches
Washed by the white form of the cold Pacific, you can hear the roar of the sea as it crashes against jagged rocks thrust out grayest blue
The white wave of water flings itself up into the air and coves the rocks
One can also hear the squawking of the seabirds or the barking of seals. If you stop and take a gander at the ocean, one might get lucky and see a humpback breaching water, or you might just see some otters playing
Back to driving, you’ll come up to some trees, passing them you will see a spooky old wind blowing tree Sitting all alone looking forebode and reaching out to the ocean
As if searching for a long lost lover
Yes, just pass this tree on your left you’ll see an old dusty dirt road
If you blink you’ll miss it
Now you’ll make a left turn there, you’re now in the middle of nowhere on both side just fields and meadows
But as you go forward a forest of Oaks and redwoods stand by to greet you
You won’t have to drive too far before you engulf into the darkness of the woods
Oh to be sure, here and there light from the sky filters through
As if to guide you to Butterfly hill
After some time you’ll start to climb from the forest floor
Soon after you make several turns in your adventure
You’ll see a break in the forest, here you’ll find
A junction to left it will take you back into the woods
But to the right, you’ll find delight
Park the car, and start your hike on the enchanted Butterfly hill
On Butterfly hill, oh yes on butterfly hill, a new world awaits you
In the morning dew wildflowers burst to life as sun rays kiss the multi-colors of the weepy eyes flowers
The world here has little thought of beyond its own little environment
Butterfly, bumblebees, and hummingbirds play and work together among ornate flowers
You might meet a Bobcat, Coyote or Deer as you ascend the narrow trail
There may be a snake or two in the grass so be careful
The climb is not that bad and here and there are trees that will give you momentary shade
But if you’re early you’ll catch the morning fog a joy to walk in
Once on top, you will be in heaven for to the west the tree line leads to the sea
If you’re early and lucky you’ll hear hungry and seals sea birds squawking for something to munch
On the hill flying by you might find blue-jays and Chickadees or a red tail hawk making lazy circles in the sky
On Butterfly hill in a world of color one loses one’s sense of the other world of grayness
One of concrete and stone, an uncaring world where you feel alone
Here on the hill, you’ll feel at home
Now look to the east and just down the hill there you’ll see pond it is right out of a painting by Monet
There are old oak and weeping willows trees for shade and wide fields of a variety of flowers all of the different colors and we are surrounded by a forest of giant redwoods
There are lilies in the pond each one its own character, life here is full birds and ducks enjoying the water
The pond is fed by a lazy small brook in the shade of some rather tall redwoods
Small waterfalls babel on rocks of granite and old decaying old logs that fell years ago and are now footbridges for hikers
If you are lucky you’ll see salmon heading to the sea or on their way home to spawn
There are all kinds of sounds coming from within the dark-spotted green ferns that cluster along the banks of the sleepy old brook
Yes life here is in stark difference to our uncaring world
Here one’s senses are overwhelmed with the sounds, smells, and sites
The taste and touch of this life brings one to a new level of consciousness- You’ll never want to leave
Oh don’t forget to bring a backpack with some food for an idyllic picnic by the banks of the pond, maybe under an old weeping willow
I guarantee you’ll lose all sense of time lost in this picturesque new world
Bring some warm clothes for the fog and the late afternoon sea breeze
Stay as long as you like or stay even overnight- with a campfire of delight- S’mores and the stars, who could us for anything more
Bring a tarp for the ground, no need for a tent- for it only blocks the view of the stars
Laying there in your sleeping bag or even more, fun take two bags, one for the top, the other for the ground- now there’s a sleeping bag for two- so nice to cuddle
As you lay there hand in hand with the one that you love; heads touching as you gaze into the night
Eyes searching the Milky Way skies- sweet dreams, my dear friends
Have a goodnight as your souls travel the dark velvet skies.
Guildford H Windley
July 15, 2020

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