What is creed and what exactly is its definition according to our Webster Dictionary? The meaning of Creed according to our dictionary is Creed-1. A statement of the essential beliefs of a religious faith.


There are many different faiths including Christian, Catholic, Belief of Scientology, and what makes them faiths is partly creed.


A statement of creed is also taught through the indoctrination of the church itself. It is also available to church members on an as needed basis and is taught through its own interpretations of its faith through its leaders. When you attend church, you are listening to a tiny portion of its creed or basic meaning of its beliefs of its basic creed.


A formal statement of Creed generally must be provided to attorneys to create tax situations favorable to gain tax exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service.


The hardest battle fought that I am aware of to gain favorable tax-exempt status and to get approved for these exemptions as such was for the Church of Scientology and one of the things they had to show what a statement of creed.


Since creed applies to a specific set of beliefs, and that is all the definition seems to specify, you obviously can have your own statement of creed or religious beliefs that meet none of the criteria above.


Formal Creeds for Christianity (Nicene creed) began being formed in the year 325 and have since been expanded greatly.


Sometimes Daily Wisdom Words is about teaching us the simple new meaning of a word and not my take on it. I hope you have found the meaning of Creed to be an interesting one today.


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