How do we measure success? Let us first take a look at its meaning in our Webster Dictionary. Success-1. favorable or desired outcome. 2. the gaining of wealth and fame 3. One who succeeds.


Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-Success-1. finding something in life that makes you content and happy from the heart and mind and soul.


How do we measure success? One might say success is measured by the amount of wealth and fame we have in our lives. Another might say Success is about finding something in your life that makes you content and happy. There are several answers and none are either right or wrong. Daily Wisdom Words is based on the wisdom I have gained throughout my life, and I feel success is based on internal happiness of the mind, heart and soul.


Success to others agree with the Webster definition of gaining wealth and fame. I know so many people who have wealth and they are not happy. I also know people who have wealth that are happy.


I think there are three types of success. External Success and Internal Success and finally, Soul Success.


First, let’s talk about financial or external success. We would all be lying if we said we didn’t want to be financially comfortable, but how do we get there? I feel the only way to get on the road to success is to find your passion in life. If you truly find something you love doing, wealth and happiness and financial success will follow.


There are other ways to get wealthy but I have found that the people I have spoken to that have fallen into financial success are not necessarily happy and happiness to me, is the biggest part of success. Some people work so hard to be successful, they risk their physical health, and as I have talked about before, balance is key in life with anything and this includes financial success because if your not able to enjoy financial success, doesn’t that defeat the purpose?


The other type of success is about being happy on the inside, internal success. Wealth can dress you up on the outside, but it can never dress you up on the inside. The only way I have found to have a chance at having internal success is to follow your passion. Passion is internal, and something only you know for yourself, is what you love doing, I feel finding what you love doing will eventually lead you to internal success.


The third type of success is called “soul success”. This type of success has to do with finding your spiritual success but has a different definition than internal success. This type of success brings along with it internal success, but also success in our soul and involves us being peaceful. We find peace by finding our own belief system and higher power or journey in our lives. For me, this would be God. How can I feel successful with all the money in the world, if I don’t have a bigger purpose for my success than how full my closet is, or even how much I enjoy what I do?


People that are truly successful, have all three types of success. They have external success, internal success, and soul success, (finding their higher purpose in life.)


Success is a journey. Success involves all three of the types of success I have talked about, so it isn’t something that happens overnight. Be patient in life and have faith that your success will come. To believe is to conceive is to achieve.


We are all imperfectly perfect, which means we all make mistakes along the way in life.

Believe in yourself, and when in doubt, believe in something bigger than you. The rest, will follow.


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Samantha Leboeuf

Community Leader

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