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Why is division such an important daily wisdom word?  Division means the opposite of uniting.  We see groups of protesters doing this, but we also see protesters opposing what the other group stands for.  This is division of the people in its worst form.  Division means we cannot stand together.  It also means we no longer can agree to “disagree”.  The news is full of slander for each candidate only making division more aggressive.  There is more aggression between the police and those they are supposed to protect than ever.  So how did this come to be?  

Our leaders are our Presidents.  If we see our leaders encouraging division rather than unity, the problem only gets worse.  Unfortunately division has a trickle-down effect.  Therefore, not only is our country divided, our family and friends become the same.  This is the example being put forth by our Leader’s trickling down to a small group.  Black lives do matter and yes, there is more politics and physical harm to black men, especially.  This leads to further division, especially when the courts do not sentence perpetrators appropriately for their crimes.  Death is Death and if that death is unjust, whomever caused it, even in uniform must be punished. 

Let us take a look at the meaning of division in our Webster Dictionary and the daily wisdom words definition.

Webster Definition-1.  disagreement between two groups producing tension and hostility. 

Daily Wisdom Words Definition-a lack of agreeing on social issues as a whole and separation becomes a large result of division.  

The more we separate the weaker the links that held us together to begin with.  Is what we stand for sometimes necessary not to fight for?  This is a powerful question and one I immediately would have agreed with years ago.  I now think there needs to be some space and time between these groups so thought rather than violence and anger is peaceful and this includes those who are responsible to destress a crowd of individuals fired up together on two sides with opposing opinions.  If I personally reacted rather than responded (thinking before action), much of my anger would play out in a productive manner.  

Controversy and division are part of a “bigger picture”.  We need to ask ourselves this.  Is the cause we are fighting for greater than the global message we are sending with division amongst all of us.  I feel anger too.  I want so much to write with this anger, but I am doing my very best to see what is best for our country in spite of the leadership message we are getting.  Cutting pay for police officers only creates more isolation.  We are punishing a whole group instead of the individuals responsible for it.  We also need to ask ourselves this.  Do we open our eyes for the “bigger picture”, (our country) or do we close them in spite of what is happening still fighting for our message but in positive, productive methods.  

I hope I have been able to get a message across without isolating my readers.  I am NOT saying, don’t fight for what you believe in;  I am saying fight with love in your heart, not anger.  With unity we can do so much.  If we wish to predict the future, we must look at what has worked for us as a nation in the past.  What are your feelings about this post today?  Do you agree or disagree with me?  Before reacting to this message, give yourself a few minutes so logic can override anger.  We must let love be stronger than hatred.  We obviously need to change something and that is a point we can all agree on.  

May God bless ALL of you.  Samantha Leboeuf/Daily Wisdom Words


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