Fragility is a part of life.

Let us take a look at what fragility means in our Webster Dictionary.

Fragility-1. The quality of being easily broken or damaged

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-a state in life all of us pass through at one time or another leaving us broken and distressed.

Fragility happens with life events. For instance, we all have, at one time or another had our heart broken. Fragility exists when the pain of staying the same, becomes greater than making a change itself. As much as it hurts, we usually opt for change. This is what we go through with fragility. Making that change is painful because we are used to having a routine and staying within a routine, feels more comfortable. We all feel safer in our own comfort zones.

Fragility to most of us as we start different seasons of life. Fragility is the way we feel inside when the bottom has dropped out from beneath us and we are steering a new direction for a lost ship.

For me, the most fragile I have ever felt was when I went through a severe breakup and found myself at a loss. For one thing, I never expected to be dumped in the first place so it came when I least expected it. We had gone from
engagement planning on being married in the future, to boyfriend and girlfriend, and finally he ended the relationship completely with, “let’s always stay friends”. I can’t tell you how fragile I felt in the following months. It was very painful and yes, I felt like the bottom had dropped out beneath me.

I stayed in bed pretty much for a full two months, crying, feeling sorry for myself, and hurting. The amazing thing was, I ended up starting a relationship up about six months later, and this man turned out to be the soulmate I had not been expecting. Fragility is a stage and it does end.

Have you ever felt completely fragile, like a piece of china, or finite jewelry? We all have, but it is not our favorite subject to talk about. Think about the times you’ve gone through a life change where you felt, fragility.
You probably can also see that when the fragility stage passed, you moved on to a growth pattern that made you stronger.

What comes after fragility is growth, and we find that the sun in our lives does come out again. Fragility also happens when we lose someone close to us in death. We feel like the world will never be the same again, and in all reality, it isn’t. Life is never completely the same again after going through fragility. However, we do gain our footing back. We do find that there is a new normal, and we feel that false feeling of being safe again.

Are we ever really safe? Fragility shows us when it opens itself up in our lives that we aren’t safe because there is one guarantee in life: Change. We can be sure that change will happen to us no matter what in our lives.

Fragility is a daily wisdom word that is very important to remember because we all will experience fragility at some point in our lives and we need the wisdom to understand that this feeling or stage is temporary. Although I never fully got over that breakup, I did learn that the person I was so upset about, would ultimately not have been a
good life partner match for me. Our personalities were like oil and vinegar and in the long run, that would have resulted in an ultimate breakup anyway. Perhaps he was the wiser one and could see this in advance.

I only know that at this point in my life, I am exactly where I am supposed to be, far from perfect, but working on improvement everyday. I feel the beginnings of fragility with my mother turning 79 years old this year. We are extremely close and I realize that she has lived a long and prosperous life. I could lose her at anytime and go through a state of fragility.

There is another thing we can be sure of in life, and that is death. Everything has a beginning, middle and end.
If we look at our past, we can see this with previous things we have been through. They say, if you want to know your future, look at your past. I believe this is true.

Fragility touches all of our lives in many ways at unexpected times, in unexpected ways.

I realize this is not a happy daily wisdom word, but it is reality.

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Samantha LeBoeuf

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