Why do we all need a compass? We need a moral compass and we need it to avoid the guilt we feel when we do something against who we are. Part of who we are is a set of morals and values we have accumulated through life. A compass within, gives us direction with these morals and values.

Why else do we need a compass? A compass maps the direction in life which we take. We have so many choices and with a compass, we can map those choices and choose the destination we would and need to go. The compass we can watch so it serves as a constant reminder that we are on the road we wish to be on.

A compass not only maps the direction we are going, it also lets us know when we veer off directions. Without goaals in life and a direction to go, we can get lost along the way, and waste precious time exploring paths that take us away from who we are. It is important to remember, always who we are, and a compass is a good reminder of that.

Compasses map the direction we are going, but what about our choices? These choices in life we make while disregarding which direction the compass is showing we need to go? I like to look at the “veering of course” as a series of learning experiences, and I find we always end up returning to the path we were meant to follow or lead.

Compasses also tell us when we are going the right direction, and we should allow ourselves a moment of credibility when we are doing all the right things. In order to stay on the path of the compass, one thing we can do, is called affirmations. These are statements we write, visualize, and say that we are already doing what we are planning on doing. for example, if I wish to exercise and I wish to do an affirmation on this, I would write, “I enjoy exercising each and every day on the treadmill today.”

Affirmations go hand in hand with our personal compass. Each of our compasses are different because each set of goals we all have is different. We must write down, visualize and complete the tasks we consider to be most prevalent in our lives. There will come a time when we have to make a moral and personal checklist that we wish to complete in life. The compass only helps in leading us in the right direction.

Do we set goals everyday? The answer is yes, ideally, but we are human beings and are not perfect. We all will make mistakes along this road in life, and we all will need a compass to remind us of which direction we should be going.

Think about your moral compass and which way you want to go in life. It is easier to get there when you are sure which direction to follow. Think about your personal goals and use the affirmation techniques of visualizing and writing down what it is to achieve in life for you personally.

Think about how very important it is to have a direction at all. Leading life wondering aimlessly is what I think of as a waste of time.

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Remember: We are all a work in progress including this website, and we may not get it right the first time, but with determination and will power and an accurate compass, we will eventually get it right.

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Samantha Leboeuf

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Sheila Mc (@guest_67)
3 years ago

Poets push boundaries.
Moral compass guides lost souls
Towards safety nets.

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