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Article by Abuh Monday Eneojo.


If you are not careful, you would definitely give the man in the picture above the name of the late iconic Jamaican reggae star who was controversial in his outspoken support for the legalization of marijuana and ardent advocacy for pan-Africanism.

I guess Ziggy’s case is clearly: when I see my father, I see who I will be. That, in it’s on way, is beyond every doubt the truth. I say this because he is a spitting example of his late father, Bob Marley.

Before we go any further, I’d like you to watch his interview with ABC news.

[videopress dfBN6tJr]

You may not know Ziggy Marley. Don’t beat yourself about it- I did not know he existed too. It was some beautiful and captivating three hours ago that I knew such a person existed.

Marriage: is it just a piece of paper?

I’ll tell you how he came into the scene. So, he was featured as a guest judge in a cooking show, Chopped Junior, and I was like ‘damn, this is a spitting image of Bob!’

Picture of Ziggy Marley show semblance with his father

Bob Marley (left) and Ziggy Marley (right)

Yes. I am a foodie. In fact, my close friends refer to my hands as spoons because of my culinary arts. I’ll tell you what they call me: o’ lowo shibi. Don’t tell anyone.

When I saw him on the show, the cooking show, I was certain he was somehow related to Bob Marley whom I love very much.

Talking about loving Bob Marley’s song. My love for his genre of music is under the aegis of the protestant me; the revolutionary side that yearns for a platform to speak audaciously but only speaks in his glass. That’s frustrating, right? Hakuna matata!

Okay. Ziggy Marley. Why am I writing about him on Daily Wisdom Words today? The title of this article answers the question expressly.

I never knew Ziggy Marley! A musician, who according to him sings his father’s song as his song, is a musician, lover of food (I must add this), and an author of seven books.

You know what, I am just going to pause here so I can go through this article again because I really do not want to miss the vitals.

It’s upsetting to think that Bob Marley is late. I’ll take a cue from Amanda Gorman: even as if grieve we grew…

I was quite young when Bob died and my father would play his songs over and over again via a compact disc. He made me love him. His favorite track, I think is, I shot the sheriff. Let me just say it. I miss Bob.

Iconic Jamaican reggae star

Seeing his son, Ziggy Marley, gave me chills. I literally stared at him on TV each time the camera was on him and I would wonder. He is a consolation to lovers of Bob Marley.

February 6. I’d like you to save the date. It’s going to be Bob Marley Day.

Read more about Ziggy Marley on Wikipedia.


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