“Life is never white and black and all or nothing; it is full of greys and the rainbows and all the other in-betweens.”
-McKel (Hill) Kooienga

As I type this, it’s been a few
hours since President Joe Biden was officially sworn in.

At the stage our country (and quite frankly, the world as well) is in, there have been polarizing views everywhere. It seems as if everyone has lost the ability to envision a middle ground.

Today online, half the people roared their approval and the other half spewed hatred and vitriol. When did this change? When did we loose the sensitivity to let our debates be civil conversations instead a string of four letter words?

Regardless of what your individual ideologies are, I can’t imagine anyone who would NOT want unity. And by that, I certainly don’t mean a world everyone agrees on everything.

My definition of unity is taking a little bit of one side and little bit of another side to form the best possible ideas in totality. To me, unity is taking the best of what someone has to offer and using it as an asset.

But in recent times, that seems overly idealistic. And to add to that, the failure of empathy in political views has unfortunately carried over to personal relationships as well. In the past few years, I have personally known people who have permanently soured relationships only because of political views. This includes relationships of parent-children, spouses, siblings and lifelong friendships.

Is it really worth it when you consider the fact that politicians come and go? Every few years, there’s a new regime. But your parents or your children will remain the same. Your spouse, God willing, will be the same as well.

Yes, personal views of anyone as well as expression of those views is important. The right to free speech is the greatest right ever. But how we express those views is up to us. It is certainly not mandatory to lace every opinion with denigrating someone else’s opinion.

Let’s express our views, hear someone’s else’s views and have a healthy debate. Let’s have a civil conversation over the pros and cons. In short, let’s at least make an attempt to find a middle ground.

Because we’re on the verge of losing it forever. And should that happen, society in all walks, even apart from politics, will crumble.

How do you feel about finding a balance and a middle ground? Have we lost that ability to other point of views? Share your thoughts and experiences by commenting below on our secure servers.

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