Why can idleness be dangerous to our mental state? What does the word actually mean according to our Webster Dictionary?

Webster Word Definition-1. the quality, state or definition of being inactive or idle.

Daily Webster Word Definition-1. The state of doing nothing with our mental and psychological being and its effects on our mind. Inactivity, constant drain on the energy

What does idleness do to our mental state? First of all, it is not healthy. It allows our mind to go into negative directions because it stops directing itself. When we are in a positive state of mind, we are directing our thoughts. One positive thought leads to another and before we know it, we are productively doing the activity we were thinking of. With “idleness”, were not really thinking of anything. Therefore, We aren’t doing or thinking of anything productive.

What else does “idleness” stop us from being or doing? It stops us from being productive. When a mind is idle, it is at a state of inactivity. The inactivity itself is dangerous, because it allows our mind to drift. We find we begin to prefer being idle or lazy, and things we normally would get done when our mind is in a productive state, meaning activity leads to more activity, don’t get done period.

It is important to distinguish idleness from refreshing relaxation of the mind which is healthy. This is a measured period of time we take for ourselves allowing us to relax, which is healthy. Idleness takes this one step further, and periods of being idle become longer and longer. There are actually symptoms of idleness I was able to find, if you would like to see if you cross the fine line between healthy relaxation to idleness.

1. Even if you feel comfortable, you get the sense that your being unproductive. 2. You begin to prefer doing nothing. 3. Your thoughts and feelings slow. 4. When you try to act proactively, it feels like a struggle. 5. Even if you want to do something about your idleness, it feels like too much of a strain and you might not put in the effort. 5. An absence of applied effort. 6. Lack of a wide open feeling of freedom. 7. Lack of enthusiasm . 8. Lack of feeling satisfied (even again, if your feeling comfortable).

Let us look at what leads us to idleness to begin with. The main cause of this is a drain in energy. One of the things that causes this feeling is dissatisfaction. When were dissatisfied with things, even when we don’t realize it, it can drain our energy, making us more tired. Our overall momentum seems to slow down causing us to feel worthless, and tired. We begin to be more comfortable being idle than productive! This again all stems from a feeling of dissatisfaction.

How do we fight off feelings of idleness? First, we force ourselves to be productive anyway, and do our best to ignore the above feelings. We need to put I over E. (intellect over emotions) to gain control over our feelings of idleness. In order to take this step, we need to circle around the original problem to begin with, which is to figure out why we feel dissatisfied. Once we are able to isolate the cause of our dissatisfaction, we can move on to more productive thought patterns.

Here is an activity you can try if you find yourself continually suffering with idleness. Find a place to write and list everything in your life your dissatisfied with. Another proactive way to deal with idleness is to write down things your NOT dissatisfied with. You can then list reasons why you wish to make choices to move you to these more adequate choices.

You will find, once you get past those feelings of idleness, you feel more productive, more enthusiastic, more proactive, experience more joy, less struggle, feel happier, and finally have more free-flowing feelings.

Remember, doing the most simple, productive things can move you out of these feelings of idleness and bring you to a whole new productive place!

Thank you for reading about idleness with me today. I suffer from periods of idleness myself, and have to take the above steps to “get to a better place” so don’t feel your alone in these feelings. I think we all have gone through periods of idleness, especially when we are feeling down or depressed to begin with.

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Sheila Mc (@guest_498)
2 years ago

Crossed legged he surveyed
Black hole, dug with idle hands.
Time had come to climb.

Sheila Mc.. Just off to make a list!

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