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What does initiative mean and why is it so important to have it in today’s world?

Let us take a look at the Webster Meaning of Initiative: 1. the ability to assess and initiate things independently.
2. The power or opportunity to act before others do. 3. An act or strategy intended to resolve a difficulty or improve a situation; a fresh approach to something.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning: 1. The ability to take charge of a situation, and run with it, feet hitting the ground when finished.’

Today’s market with anything, especially jobs is competitive and it takes initiative and drive to stand out from others, not only in a job market, but in general in this world. Everything is measured by the initiative you take if you look at it from a particular perspective.

What is the most important initiative one can take in my opinion? It is the initiative with ones own growth as an individual. If we work on initiative in this capacity, I believe everything else will fall into place. Initiative is the basis of motivation. Without initiative, we have no “motivation”. Without motivation, we get nothing done.

Initiative is what gives us the drive and ambition to be competitive with ourselves. The best kind of competition we can have is to compete with ourselves. In other words, we can use initiative and motivation to set goals for ourself. When we measure our goal setting with our own ruler, we find, we are not operating off of insecurity, and we are achieving more than we ever would have anticipated. When we compete with others, we are operating off of insecurity, trying to catch up to their measurements and that is no where near as productive.

Initiative can be the driving force for completing big projects as well. I am referring to projects like remodeling your home. You can also use initiative with personal goals. Initiative is behind almost every driving force we have in our lifetime, and without it, we find we have no motivation. Depression can cause us to have a lack of initiative, but the main cause of lacking it, is when we don’t do affirmations and goal setting for ourselves.

It is important to have goals because without them we do lose motivation, ambition and yes, initiative. If you wish to find more initiative within, try writing down your goals first. Then, visualize achieving them and exactly what steps you will take to do so. You will find this leads to the initiative and driving force needed to start the task itself, and one task leads to another.

Thank you for reading about initiative today. I hope You have gotten an idea of why initiative and motivation are so important in our lives.

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Thanks so much for your patience and have a beautiful and blessed day!

Samantha Leboeuf

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Sheila McGdlywsd (@sheila-mcgdlywsd)
2 years ago

Initiative shook
Hangers on, fell from Eagle’s back…
She soared to new heights.

Sheila Mc

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