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Where does maintenance fall in with the last three daily wisdom words I have written on?  It becomes the fourth, and most important step of all:  Maintenance.  First, we took steps toward what we wanted, then we transitioned into transformation, and now, maintenance.  (maintaining what we have worked so hard for.) This is why maintenance is so important after doing all the work to reach your goal.
Let us take a look at the meaning of Maintenance in the dictionary:  The process of maintaining
something or someone or the state of being maintained

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning:  After taking steps towards transitional actions, we have reached
transformation and maintenance is the natural progression and should not be overlooked as
we have taken so much time and energy to get to maintenance which is the steady pattern 
of maintaining achieved goals.  

Maintenance is a very important wisdom word as it is the very part of your life that “shows”
you can not only achieve your goals, you can also maintain them.

Maintenance also applies to our personal changes.  If I have taken all the steps, transitioned 
towards full transformation, I need to maintain the personal goal I have set as well because
there is even more work involved in maintaining our personal goals.

I will use a personal issue to put all of these daily wisdom words into play.  I dated and loved
an abusive man very much.  I knew, however he was not healthy, so I took steps, (most –
forward, but yes, a few back) to transition myself out of the relationship.  Once I had broken 
the habit pattern, I moved towards transformation and became a stronger person because 
I took these steps.
I now have to maintain the urge to go back to the same habit patterns, so maintenance 
is one of the most important daily wisdom words playing a role to do this.
We are all “perfectly imperfect” and a work in progress, but if we get all 4 of these wisdom words,
we will find, we are in control of our weaknesses to a great degree.  SL


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